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Call for papers and registrations: Debian Miniconf 4

Hi everyone,

Once again a Debian Miniconf[1] will be run as a prelude to the annual
linux.conf.au[2] (LCA).

LCA is a grass-roots technical conference covering issues relating to
Linux development and will run this year in Canberra (Australia) from
Wednesday April 20th to Saturday April 23rd. It will feature multiple
tracks with tutorials and presentations by world-class speakers and will
be preceded by a number of topic-specific miniconfs including Debian
Miniconf 4.

Debian Miniconf 4 will run on Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th of April and
will feature presentations relating to Debian. It's intended to be a
technical conference aimed specifically at Debian developers and others
with a good knowledge of Debian. While end users are welcome to attend
they will find the presentations will be technical in nature - previous
years have featured very high quality presentations and it's come to be
seen as a sort of unofficial "Southern Hemisphere Debconf".

* Registrations *
As with previous years Debian Miniconf 4 itself is free, but to attend
you absolutely must sign up for the main conference. The miniconf
couldn't exist without LCA providing a venue and other organisational
support so it's more like a prelude to the main conference than a
stand-alone event. Make sure you register[3] for LCA, and then also
register[4] for Miniconf 4. Note that the Early Bird discount period for
LCA ends in a couple of weeks so sign up now to save on the registration

* Speakers *
Some of you may remember that I have a standing threat from previous
years to present a session on building picket fences and making truffles
(both things I think I'm pretty good at ;-) unless I got enough people
putting up their hand to speak. This year I'm going to add "building
gazebos" to the list of possible talks I'll give if there aren't enough
speakers, so to save everyone from total boredom I need lots of people
to volunteer to do presentations.

If you've got a topic in mind for Debian Miniconf 4 please get in touch
with me ASAP. Note that presentation topics have to be directly related
to Debian and be intended for a technical audience of your peers, so
general "linuxy" topics won't be accepted unless they have a Debian
spin. Presentation slots are 1 hour long with 45 minutes for
presentation, 10 mins for questions and 5 minutes for speaker
changeover. The format is pretty casual and relaxed though so anything
can happen on the day  ;-)

* Keysigning *
Like last year I've decided to leave a keysigning session off the
program to make time for one more presentation.

Before everyone screams in rage I should point out that I am also the
coordinator of the keysigning session[5] at the main conference so all
is not lost. Anyone who wants to extend or become part of Debian's web
of trust should just send in their key for the main keysigning and
attend that instead. Sorry if this irks you, but to me it seemed silly
to organise 2 keysignings in the same venue within a few days of each
other with all the same people in attendance.

So go sign up now, and I'll see you there!

Jonathan Oxer

[1] http://www.debconf.org/miniconf4/
[2] http://www.linux.conf.au/
[3] http://www.linux.conf.au/register
[4] http://www.debconf.org/miniconf4/register/
[5] http://www.keysigning.org/event/lca2005

*Note: IBM is the Penguin Sponsor of linux.conf.au 2005. Thanks to IBM
and LCA for making Debian Miniconf 4 possible!

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