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Moving arch and svn

It took longer than expected, but we are finally ready to move all
arch and subversion repositories to a new server. This will take
place on December 31st. That means that on that day it will not
be possible to commit to arch or svn repositories and giving
people no excuse not to visit their friends and famility to celebrate
the end of the year (for those living on a Gregorian calendar).

There are a few notable changes in the new server:

* costa has its own account database, so changed made in the Alioth
  web interface will automatically be applied to costa. I will try
  to do that at least every other day until Alioth moves as well.

* each user no longer has his own UNIX group but is put in the
  standard users group.

* ViewCVS has been replaced with WebSVN.

* we now use the fsfs backend for subversion. This means that we should
  no longer suffer from stuck locks, hanging processes or incorrect

* local paths are slightly different: instead of /org we now use /srv.
  This should not be visible if you properly use the /arch and /svn
  symbolic links.

* if you used haydn.debian.org instead of arch.debian.org or
  svn.debian.org as hostname you will have to change that locally.


* December 31: commiting to arch and svn repositories not possible
* January 1: arch and svn reinstated on new server


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