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Bug squashing in Cambridge, November 27th to 28th

Guys, we can't let the Germans and Australians have all the fun! Let's
get together in Cambridge and show them how to close those bugs.

If we all pull together, we can get the RC bugs killed and help make
sarge a great (if late) release. Everyone's welcome to join us in
person, and we'll be active on irc.oftc.net, #debian-uk too if you
want to help but can't make it physically.

If you want to come either day, please let me know. There's even
(limited) crash space available. See the wiki page at


87 Kendal Way, Cambridge CB4 1LP (aka my house, as usual)


We have wired and wireless networking, a full local mirror and several
architectures. Bring a laptop, power cables and ethernet cables if you
need them.

I hope to see you there...

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@einval.com
"It's actually quite entertaining to watch ag129 prop his foot up on
 the desk so he can get a better aim."          [ seen in ucam.chat ]

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