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Bug Squashing in Frankfurt, November 27th to 28th

[CC'd -qa, -events-eu and -release to make them aware of this. Please 
drop them from the CC unless it's on topic on the respective list.]

In addition to next Debian-wide BSPs[1], a real-life hacking meeting and
BSP will take place in Frankfurt on the weekend of November 27th to 28th.


The focus of this event will be to close as many RC-bugs as possible and to
test some woody -> sarge upgrades.

BSP coordinator and release assistant Frank Lichtenheld will be 
attending the meeting.


In addition to the local Debian crowd, we invite other Debian people
From all over Germany and Europe to join us in Frankfurt. Please let us
know if you want to attend the meeting, so we can plan ahead a bit.
Please contact Alexander Schmehl <alexander@schmehl.info>.


Institute of Computer Science
Goethe-University Frankfurt/Main
Robert-Mayer-Str. 11-15
60325 Frankfurt am Main

How to get there:

by Train:
From Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof take the subways line U4 direction "Bockenheimer
Warte".  Exit at the last station "Bockenheimer Warte".  Take the exit, which
is NOT in the direction of traffic.  Follow the big street to the first
crossing street, which is the Robert-Mayer Strasse.  Turn right.  The
Institute of Computer Science is the last building on the other side of the

by car:
Sorry, but I never drove to the Univerity by car, but I found a map [2], [3]
Seems like the best way there is to exit the A66 at Miquellallee and follow
Miquellallee, Zeppelinallee and Senckenberganlage until the Robert-Mayer
Strasse crosses. Turn right and good luck finding a parking place.


We try to organize nearby private accomodation.  Please tell me, if you need
one.  Most probably you'll need to bring your sleeping bag and foam mattress
("isomatte") with you.


Network connection is good. A full ftp.debian.org mirror
will be available.


Thanks for Martin and Michael for organizing the last reallife BSPs and for
everyone else, whom I forgot to mention.

hope to see you there,


  2: http://www.uni-frankfurt.de/org/ltg/admin/muk/02_dokumente/lageplan/Campus_Bockenheim_4c.jpg
  3: http://www.uni-frankfurt.de/org/ltg/admin/muk/02_dokumente/lageplan/Campus_Bockenheim.pdf

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