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S/390 buildd reconfiguration --> problem fix


a recent upgrade of the Z/VM of the S/390 machine Millenux hosts and
which runs the Debian S/390 buildd (debian01.zseries.org) caused the
old kernel to run without the network interface.  In order to get
networking running again a new 64bit kernel was required.

Unfortunately this changed the kernel architecture from s390 to s390x.
This in turn has the potential to break older configure scripts.

This is a quite unfortunate incident this close to a release and will
slow down security support for woody and sarge.  The security team has
already stomped over the first package that fails to build anymore in
a plain woody S/390 environment.

The Cure

If you notice something like the following in build logs of failed builds

checking build system type... Invalid configuration `s390x-ibm-linux': machine `s390x-ibm' not recognized
configure: error: /bin/sh ./config.sub s390x-ibm-linux failed.
make: *** [build-stamp] Error 1

The following patch should help get the package to build again.

--- config.sub~	2004-10-11 18:30:48.000000000 +0200
+++ config.sub	2004-10-11 18:30:57.000000000 +0200
@@ -259,7 +259,7 @@ case $basic_machine in
 	      | mips64el-* | mips64orion-* | mips64orionel-* \
 	      | mips64vr4100-* | mips64vr4100el-* | mips64vr4300-* | mips64vr4300el-* \
 	      | mipstx39-* | mipstx39el-* | mcore-* \
-	      | f301-* | armv*-* | s390-* | sv1-* | t3e-* \
+	      | f301-* | armv*-* | s390-* | s390x-* | sv1-* | t3e-* \
 	      | m88110-* | m680[01234]0-* | m683?2-* | m68360-* | z8k-* | d10v-* \
 	      | thumb-* | v850-* | d30v-* | tic30-* | c30-* | fr30-* \
 	      | bs2000-* | tic54x-* | c54x-*)

A more recent configure suite should suffice as well, but this is not
applicable for certain cases where the changes to the source should be
kept as minimal as possible:

 . security updates
 . upload into *-proposed-updates
 . updates in unstable for frozen packages that should be pushed
   through into testing

Please note that it is required for uploaded packages to be buildable
by the buildds.  However, for the release of sarge, we consider it as
an important bug if a new upload won't be built any more.  Of course,
fixing important bugs is appreciated.

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