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developers reference revisited


the developers reference was much updated in the last time. These updates
- add chapter about i10n.
- updated upload queues.
- information on wnpp usage synced with wnpp.
- document the restrictions to bugs and ftp-master hosts.
- add information about dchroot.
- add information about NEWS.Debian.
- add link to debian-mentors FAQ.
- updated information about testing distribution.
- restructured and updated NMU section.
- enhanced best packing practices:
  + Hint about locale generation as non-root.
  + deborphan-compliant transition packages.

Also, the french translation was updated, thanks to Frédéric Bothamy for that.

The updates are till now only effective on the web pages,
http://www.debian.org/doc/developers-reference/ - a new package will be
uploaded soon. Most bugs are also marked as pending. The not pending bugs
needs some input (read: patches) to be created. Also, if there are topics
you want to have in the developers reference, please feel free to submit
patches to the bug tracking system.

If there are any issues or suggestions, please don't hesitate to speak
to me.

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