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ARM development machine debussy back online


After a long time without a developer-accessible ARM machine, I can
finally announce the return of debussy.  The machine has received a
long-waited upgrade and now has a 60GB harddisk, since the old one
broke down.

Debussy has been re-installed from scratch and hence has a new SSH
installed as well.  You'll need to edit your ~/.ssh/known_hosts before
you can log in again.  The fingerprints of the SSH public keys are:

  1024 29:88:a7:20:3c:46:2a:a1:1e:33:3a:f4:6b:08:c4:2e root@debussy
  1024 b8:3a:27:74:44:f8:af:92:ba:1b:f3:51:28:5f:15:86 root@debussy

The system has three chroot environments re-installed as well: woody,
sarge, sid (stable, testing, unstable).  The dchroot program is also
installed for developers to enter the chroot environments.



This is GNU/Linux Country.  On a quiet night, you can hear Windows reboot.

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