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Preparation of the next stable Debian GNU/Linux update

Preparation of the next stable Debian GNU/Linux update

An up-to-date version is at <http://people.debian.org/~joey/3.0r3/>.

I am awfully sorry for not being able to send out the entire document,
but the preparation efforts list has grown so much that the large mail
is rejected at the Debian listserver due to its sheer size.

I am preparing the third revision of the current stable Debian
distribution (woody) and will infrequently send reports so people can
actually comment on it and intervene whenever this is required.

If you disagree with one bit or another, please reply to this mail and
explain why these things should be handled differently.  There is
still time to reconsider.

The plan is to release this revision at some time in the future,
hopefully before the release of sarge.  It may be the last update if
no updates to 3.0 are possible after sarge has been released.

An ftpmaster still has to give the final approval for each package
since ftpmaster are responsible for the archive.  However, I will try
to make their work as easy as possible in the hope to get the next
revision out properly and without too much hassle.

The regulations for updates to the stable Debian release are quite

The requirements for packages to get updated in stable are:

 1. The package fixes a security problem.  An advisory by our own
    Security Team is required.  Updates need to be approved by the
    Security Team.

 2. The package fixes a critical bug which can lead into data loss,
    data corruption, or an overly broken system, or the package is
    broken or not usable (anymore).

 3. The stable version of the package is not installable at all due to
    broken or unmet dependencies or broken installation scripts.

 4. All released architectures have to be in sync.

 5. The package gets all released architectures back in sync.

It is (or (and (or 1 2 3) 4) 5)

Regular bugs and upgrade problems don't get fixed in new revisions for
the stable distribution.  They should instead be documented in the
Release Notes which are maintained by Rob Bradford
<mailto:robster@debian.org> and are found at

Packages, which will most probably be rejected:

  . Packages that fix non-critical bugs.

  . Misplaced uploads, i.e. packages that were uploaded to 'stable
    unstable' or `frozen unstable' or similar.

  . Packages for which its binary packages are out of sync with regard
    to all supported architectures in the stable distribution.

  . Binary packages for which the source got lost somehow.

  . Packages that fix an unusable minor part of a package.

If you would like to get a package updated in the stable release, you
are advised to talk to the stable release manager first (see

This is probably the last update to the current stable Debian release
since updates are impossible when a new suite is labelled stable.
It's also possible that the current stable Debian release won't be
updated at all.


2004/08/27 12:24 MET

 * Accepted icecast-server
 * Investigation of libpam-radius-auth

2004/08/20 12:59 MET

 * Investigation of libpng
 * Investigation of libpng3
 * Accepted ruby

2004/08/13 16:28 MET

 * No changes in the archive

2004/08/06 16:49 MET

 * Accepted ipmasq
 * Accepted squirrelmail
 * Moved syslog-ng from further to reject

2004/07/25 20:29 MET

 * Investigation of courier
 * Moved ethereal from accept to further
 * Accepted mailreader
 * Investigation of netkit-telnet-ssl
 * Accepted php4

2004/07/15 21:53 MET

 * Accepted apache
 * Investigation of kdebase
 * Accepted kernel-image-sparc-2.2
 * Accepted krb5
 * Accepted postgresql
 * Accepted sup
 * Accepted super
 * Accepted webmin

2004/06/04 19:04 MET

 * Accepted gallery
 * Accepted gatos
 * Accepted jftpgw
 * Rejected kernel-image-2.4.26-alpha
 * Rejected kernel-image-2.4.26-i386
 * Rejected kernel-source-2.4.26
 * Accepted log2mail

2004/05/14 09:09 MET

 * Accepted exim
 * Investigation of lha
 * Accepted mah-jong
 * Moved scsh from further to accept

2004/05/07 08:01 MET

 * Accepted flim
 * Updated accepted rsync
 * Updated accepted mc
 * Updated further scsh

2004/04/30 13:02 MET

 * Accepted eterm
 * Accepted kernel-image-2.4.16-arm
 * Accepted kernel-image-2.4.17-s390
 * Accepted kernel-source-2.4.16

2004/04/23 11:08 MET

 * Accepted ident2
 * Accepted iproute
 * Accepted logcheck
 * Moved neon from further to accept
 * Moved perl from further to accept
 * Investigation of spellcast-doc
 * Accepted xchat
 * Accepted zope


This list intends to help the ftp-masters releasing 3.0r3.  They have the
final power to accept a package or not.  If you want to comment on
this list, please send a mail to Martin Schulze <joey@debian.org>.

Last updated 2004/08/20 12:59 MET



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