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Please help sorting out which sid updates need to make sarge

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Hi all,

Executive summary: If you maintain one or more packages that are
out-of-sync in sarge, please go to http://www.wolffelaar.nl/~sarge/,
read the guidelines, login, lookup your own packages, and fill in the

Full story:

We are currently quite close to the release of the next Debian version,
Sarge. Dozens of packages are uploaded to sid daily, and it looks like
by far not all of them are going to make it into sarge.

Currently, there are about 1500 packages that have a different version
in sid than they have in sarge. Bugs are closed when they are fixed in
sid, bugs aren't reported very often if they are only present in sarge,
and not in sid, and sid simply still has more users than sarge.

This situation has a high risk of letting important bugs slip into the
sarge release, and that is not good. Trying to track bugs that were
fixed in sid but not yet in sarge is very tedious, and also not all bugs
and issues are reported in the BTS.

A better approach to this issue is to judge manually on all those
package that are out-of-sync whether the sid version contains essential
fixes that really ought to make it into Sarge. For this purpose, I
hereby call on all maintainers that have packages that are out-of-sync,
to let the release team know whether this is the case. 1500 packages is
too much for a few volonteers, since it requires intimite insight on all
the changes made in the package between the sarge and the sid version.

Please visit http://www.wolffelaar.nl/~sarge/ , the site where this is
administred. Next week the maintainers of those packages of which it is
still unknown whether the sid version contains important fixes will be
asked by mail to provide their judgement.

Thank you for your cooperation,
- --Jeroen

- -- 
Jeroen van Wolffelaar
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