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2 new package status pages

Hi all,

I have written 2 new package status web pages (one was mentioned
on IRC and the other on debian-devel recently).

The first:


gives you the status of all your packages (or an arbitrary list of
packages) on all arches. Furthermore, if a package is in state
"Building" then it checks on buildd.d.o to see if the build has
finished, and grabs the result (and links to the log if unsuccessful)
if so.

For an example showing most of it off see


(static copy in case my packages become less interesting  :-)  )

The second:


gives you the information in the buildd status text files (from
buildd.d.o) of all arches for a single package. Probably easier for you
to look at it than for me to try to explain it.

Bugs reports[0], patches and any other feedback welcomed.


[0] Some people do not seem to be listed on
    (possibly they are the "<>" rows?). The first page won't work for
    such people until that is fixed. You can still give your list of
    packages explicitly, though, or if you give me your address I can
    add you by hand.

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