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Don't upload packages that use libcupsys2


One of the big problems with testing right now is the transition of
Samba, KDE, GNOME and CUPS from gnutls7 to gnutls10. It's quite
difficult to have all the packages involved in this transition ready to
go into Sarge at once, but the release team is confident that we're
close to complete it. In order for this to happen, all packages that use
libcupsys directly or indirectly (like GNOME packages using
libgnomeprint) need to be valid testing candidates at the same time.
This means that if one of these packages is uploaded, the counter resets
and all of them need to wait for it.

Two days ago we had a good chance of having the transition completed,
but unfortunately one of the involved packages was uploaded and we missed
the opportunity. Things are looking good again, though.

Please, refrain from doing uploads of packages that depend on cupsys or
a package related to the transition. If you're not sure if your package
is in the list, check the dependencies of your previous upload. If your
package is using libcupsys2-gnutls10 or libgnomeprint2.2, you are
affected. You can also drop by #debian-release and ask.

Barring new surprises, the transition should be completed by Tuesday.

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