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DebConf4 Confirmation Announcement

DebConf4 Confirmation Announcement and Several Reports

Confirmation Period

The time for DebConf4 is coming. Less than a month to begin the fifth
edition of the Debian Conference [1].

The registration period is almost over. Everybody that has registered
should be receiving, in the next moments, a confirmation email. By
receiving this email **you are NOT yet confirmed**. You should enter the
URL pointed to by that email to update your data and confirm your
registration. Please! Note that unconfirmed registrations **will not**
be validated.

The confirmation period starts now and goes until May 3rd. If you
haven't received any emails asking for confirmation (or have lost
yours), please, enter the following URL:


... and select the "Confirm your registration" option.

After we have collected the confirmation data, we'll send another round
of emails (and we'll publish new data on our website) with important
information for confirmed attendees.

Hosting before and after the Conference

During the conference, for the first 150 people that registered (and
confirmed) the hosting is sponsored, as promised before [2], favoring

SESC, the DebConf4 place, is a hotel. They more than welcome people
wanting to stay there before May 26th or after June 2nd. They have
special not-yet-calculated fees for DebConf4 attendees. If you wish to
stay at SESC before or after DebConf4 (as vacation or to attend
International Free Software Forum), please, register your arrival and
departures date in the registration form [3] and we'll negotiate the
best fee with them (should be under R$ 30.00 - US$ 10.00 a day per
person, breakfast included for the 4-people room). You will be warned by
the Confirmation System if you have chosen arrival and/or departure
dates before May 26th or after June 2nd, just in case you have chosen
those by mistake.

Please, note that you will need to pay separately for supplies consumed
from your room's minibar, as these are not included in your room rate.

Lunch and Dinner

We have a specially prepared menu (with vegetarian options) at SESC
restaurant. We've used data from the registration form [3] (please
update yours) to print lunch or dinner tickets for attendees. Each
attendee will receive, along with the badge, their amount of tickets on
Day One and *are fully responsible* for them (you will be on your own if
you loose yours).

<bad joke warning="on">
We've though of attaching a string to allow people to carry their
tickets around the neck during the conference...  but them we gave up
the idea as people may confuse it with mardi-grass-like customs.
<bad joke warning="off">

We will have the menu on our website RSN, including descriptions of
ingredients used to prepare the food.

Talk Schedule

I'd like to thank everybody that have submitted papers. We're still
reviewing and confirming some of them so we can publish it and expect
the less modifications possible. In time, everything will go, as usual,
announced on d-d-a and will also be on our website.

5th International Free Software Forum

Since a lot of questions were raised about IFSF (or FISL in portuguese),
here is a summary already posted to our mailing-list [4] (and kind of
updated here):

IFSF is an international gathering to discuss FLOSS. Last year it were
attended by over 4-thousand people and had over 300 lectures. No
advertising lectures are allowed. This year they will have 7 rooms: one
for 1,5 thousand people (with simultaneous translation to and from
english and spanish), 4 other rooms for 250 people each, a 350 people
room also with simultaneous translation, and one reserved for the
academic workshop. (a side event). Some pictures of last year's event
can still be found at Wichert's webpage [5], and a description at
Bdale's [6]

They also have a reserved area for user groups. Debian is the most
active user group present every year (many of us also belong to the
organizing committee).

The IFSF take place from 3rd to 5th june. This year it is preceded by a
pre-forum on the 2nd which is intended to be a networking event.

We are negotiating to have lower fees for debconf4 attendees. Anyway, it
is a cheap event (everything is mainly supported by sponsors) with US$
20 tops you can make the whole event.


We're kindly sponsored, so far, by the following amazing companies:

(*) HP
(*) PSL-RS
(*) Linspire (former Lindows)
(*) O'Reilly
(*) XandrOS
(*) 4Linux
(*) Cisco Systems

That's all folks... See you at DebConf4.

Pablo Lorenzzoni

[1] http://hackers.propus.com.br/~pablo/debconf4/countdown.html
[2] http://www.debconf.org/debconf4/?q=node/view/30
[3] http://www.debconf.org/debconf4/register
[4] http://listas.cipsga.org.br/pipermail/debconf4/2004-April/000472.html
[5] http://www.wiggy.net/photo/talks/2003/portoalegre/
[6] http://www.gag.com/~bdale/talks/2003/brazil/
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