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Help us make the Debian CDs even better

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These days, the next stable release of debian is being packaged.  It
will as usual also be released on CDs, and the current CD count is 13
binary CDs filled with approximately 13500 packages.  And to
distribute these packages on the 13 CDs, we need to come up with some
sorting order.  At the moment, some of the packages on the first and
second CD is selected based on various criteria, while the rest are
sorted based on their usage as reported by popularity-contest.

The Debian popularity-contest is a concept created by Avery Pennarun a
few years ago.  It set up a program on the hosts installing the
popularity-contest package, to email the list of packages installed
and in use to a central collection point.  It also collect the host
architecture and we plan to collect kernel version and modules used as
well.  The summaries are presented on <URL:http://popcon.debian.org/>
and used to sort the packages on the Debian CDs.

The information can be used in other areas as well.  It can detect
which packages in the debian archive which aren't installed on any
hosts.  Such packages should probably be checked out and possibly be
removed from the archive.  It has already been used to check which
non-free packages are actually in use, while discussing the future for

So this is an request to all of you out there, to install the
popularity-contest package, say yes to participate (and verify
'PARTICIPATE=yes' in /etc/popularity-contest.conf), and give us more
info on which packages are in use in Debian.
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