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debconf4 CFP

Hello, All. 

General Information

The 5th Debian Conference (DebConf4)[1] will take place from May 26 to June 02 in Porto Alegre, Brazil. 

Such a large gathering of Debian developers and enthusiasts gives the unique opportunity to reach a highly skilled and interested audience with a variety of topics. 

We'll have two talks a day and plenty of space for BOFs. We are pleased to invite speakers to submit proposals for a talk to be given either in the morning or in the evening. 

On day one there will be an introductory talk for all speakers: Public Speaking. Altough it's mainly directed for DebConf speakers, everyone is invited. 


* General talk topics could be, but are not limited to: 
* Debian subprojects or architecture projects 
* Social and organizational topics 
* Enterprise involvement, advantages, legal issues 
* Maintainer-upstream groups and their relationships 

How to submit 

Initially, please only submit a short (about two paragraphs) description of your presentation and please, answer the following questions sending e-mail to the DebConf 4 Team - debconf4-team@debconf.org 

* Tell us about yourself and what you have been doing for Debian or another Free Software Project
* Anything else we should know about you (allergies, diet, medical condition, special needs)
* Will you need to receive a participation fee subsidy in order to attend DebConf4? Why? If so, please estimate how much your round-trip travel to Porto Alegre will cost. Would you be able to attend without it?
* Will you need a visa to come to Brazil[2]?
* Telephone and emergency contact number(s)

If your presentation is accepted, you should send us the full paper, less than ten pages long in LaTeX, DocBook SGML, plain text, or any suitable format. 


The deadline for submissions is April, 1st. If your presentation is accepted, we'll contact you to send us your full paper and let us know about specific needs for your talk before April, 15th. 


Even if BOFs can be scheduled "just in time" locally, it would be nice to plan in advance if you would like to organize one. Feel free to send a mail for a BOF, as soon as you know you want to hold one.

Our growing list of sponsors already includes:

(*) HP
(*) PSL-RS (the International Free Software Forum organizers)
(*) O'Reilly
(*) Lindows

1. http://www.debconf.org/debconf4
2. http://www.debconf.org/debconf4/visa

See you at DebConf4,

        The DebConf4 Team

Michelle Ribeiro

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