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alioth, arch, and svn update

Unfortunately the planned move for alioth, arch and svn.debian.org
did not quite go as planned: the new server is showing some stability
problems that make it unsuitable for use at the moment. So as a result
I am in the process of moving things to haydh.debian.org as a temporary
solution; once nessler has fully stabilized we will try the move there

I just movied arch and svn.debian.org and the account database over
which means that all arch and svn repositories should be available
and fully up to date and that normal commit access works as well.
For svn this also means an upgrade to subversion 1.0.0.

I intend to move Alioth tomorrow afternoon or early evening (CET).
This means that any changes you make in your homedirectory before
then will be undone by a final rsync in preparation of that move so
do not put anything important there. Estimated downtime for Alioth
is three hours, possibly extended by the time it takes for DNS
changes to propagate. The move will affect Alioth in two ways:
it will be upgraded to the latest version of GForge and all email
will be filtered through clamav, spamassassin and a few exim4 filters.
Hopefully this will reduce the amount of spam that was found on
Alioth services.

My apologies for the extended downtime and especially the lack of commit
access for arch and svn.debian.org. There is a silver lining though: 
things should be a lot more stable than they ever were from now on due
to better hardware and a better configuration.


Wichert Akkerman <wichert@wiggy.net>    It is simple to make things.
http://www.wiggy.net/                   It is hard to make things simple.

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