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Status of the upload-Queues


the break-in and the restricting of login on ftp-master etc have
changed the list of available upload-queues a bit.

First of all, these queues work and will continue to work:
ftp://ftp-master.debian.org/pub/UploadQueue/           normal packages
ftp://non-us.debian.org/pub/UploadQueue/               non-US (*)
ftp://security.debian.org/pub/SecurityUploadQueue      security

All three queues are anonymous. Please ensure that you don't have
hard-coded the IP-address for any of these hosts in your local

Do NOT upload a package to the security upload queue (oldstable-security,
stable-security, etc.) without prior authorization from the security
team. If the package does not exactly meet the team's requirements, it
will cause many problems and delays in dealing with the unwanted upload.
For details, please see the Developers Reference section 5.8.5.

New and fairly well working is a delayed queue by Tollef Fog Heen; it's
available at scp:gluck.debian.org:~tfheen/DELAYED/....
Please see
for details.

The scp queues on ftp-master, non-us and security are mostly unuseable
due to the login restrictions on those hosts.

The anonymous queues on ftp.uni-erlangen.de and ftp.uk.debian.org are
currently down. Work is underway to resurrect those. 

The queues on master.debian.org, samosa.debian.org, master.debian.or.jp
and ftp.chiark.greenend.org.uk are down permanently and will not be
resurrected. The queue in Japan will be replaced with a new queue on
hp.debian.or.jp some day.

For the time being, the anonymous ftp queue on auric.debian.org (the
former ftp-master) works, but it is deprecated and will be removed at
some point in the future.

I'll fill appropriate bugs for dput, dupload and the developers
reference. My special thanks to the queue-admins and the ftp-admin
who all helped me in putting this summary together.

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