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Signing binary archive files with dpkg-sig


version 0.3 of dpkg-sig is now available in sid. Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt
<marc@dch-faq.de> has done most changes and is now Co-Maintainer.

Import changes include:
* Remote signing via ssh is possible (including remote file globbing).
  With remote signing, the signing is done local (and the key file is not
  touched by dpkg-sig, but only by the local gpg), and only small checksums
  of the deb are transfered over the net, so this works even over slow
  connections. However, for this to work, ssh and dpkg-sig must be
  installed also on the remote site.
* On demand passphrase caching
* Lots of small changes for smothless operation

dpkg-sig has now made it's way from more or less a prototype in version 0.1
to a working tool for adding binary signatures to binary Debian archive

The next steps for the dpkg-sig-package include adding documentation and
example files, and - of course - testing, testing and testing.

If further enhancements are useful, please don't hesitate to speak to Marc
or me. You can reach us via mail, or at IRC (Marc as HE, me as aba).

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