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Bits from the DPL (DebConf.org Picture Gallery, DebConf4)

One of the most enjoyable conferences, Linux.Conf.Au (LCA), was held
in Adelaide from January 14 to 17, with some mini-conferences
(including one about Debian) preceding the main event.  After a delay
of two weeks, possibly caused in part by the alcohol reportedly
consumed by some attendees from the special Debian beer steins
supplied by Anand Kumria, photos have finally started appearing on the
DebConf.org Picture Gallery [1].  For those who couldn't attend, it is
now possible to see what we missed. :/  (Myself, I left Australia just
a few weeks before LCA, after missing LCA 2003 because I moved there a
few weeks too late.  For those following Planet Debian [2], I'll
probably post some photos of my last weeks in Australia soon.)

While the DebConf.org picture gallery has never really been formally
announced, it has acted as the de facto site for photos surrounding
various Debian events for quite a while now.  We published photos
during DebConf2 in Oslo, and some pictures from various 10th
anniversary parties are available too.  I hope that we will use this
site in the future to publish more photos from various events, and to
show what a great community we are!  If you want to have a gallery
created, please talk to Jonathan Oxer <jon@debian.org> who's running
the site.  Thanks, Jon.

DebConf.org is also hosting the web site for DebConf4 which will take
place in Porto Alegre, Brazil from May 26th to June 6th.  The
organizers have put in a tremendous effort, and thanks to the support
of various sponsors, they can offer 150 slots for whom food and
housing will be paid.  Now is a good time to check out the web site [3]
for more information and to find out whether you have time to attend.

Since we're on the topic of conferences, let me mention a recent
addition to our web site.  I have created a listing of people who can
give talks about Debian [4].  This should make it easier for
organizers of conferences to find good speakers and for us to
coordinate our presence at conferences.  If you would like to be
added, let me know.

Finally, since much of this posting was about images and photos -- I saw
a lovely image today in a Netcraft posting about the growth of Linux
distributions [5].  The news article, titled "Debian Fastest Growing
Linux Distribution", shows that Debian has been the fastest growing
Linux distribution over the last six months.  Also, it clearly shows
that Debian is one of the major players.  I'm delighted to see this
evidence of what we have always known, and hope that it will give us
the motivation to make Sarge a really good and solid system and to
proceed with its release quickly!

[1] http://www.debconf.org/gallery
[2] http://planet.debian.net/
[3] http://www.debconf.org/debconf4/
[4] http://www.debian.org/events/speakers/
[5] http://news.netcraft.com/archives/2004/01/28/debian_fastest_growing_linux_distribution.html
Martin Michlmayr

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