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Bug tracking system moved to spohr

Hi all,

James Troup and I have just finished moving bugs.debian.org from
master.debian.org to a new system, spohr.debian.org. For those
interested in such details, it's a dual hyperthreaded Xeon hosted at
Oregon State University, with lots of disk space and I'm told 3 OC-48s'
worth of bandwidth.

The reason for this move is that master has been getting rather low on
disk space of late, it's difficult to add more to that particular
machine, and it's become obvious that trying to run the lists.debian.org
web archives and bugs.debian.org on the same machine is an increasingly
painful proposition. This has caused some operational difficulties and,
in a couple of cases, restricted the set of things we might be able to
do with the BTS. CPU load has also been a perpetual problem. The new
system has more than enough resources for our current needs and plenty
of room for expansion.

With any luck, most people won't notice too much in the way of
difference for the moment. The main exception will be people who are
running BTS-related scripts on master. For the moment, you don't need to
do anything. spohr is currently restricted-access (which may change - I
think James will be posting about this and auric/klecker soon), but the
BTS scripts and spool data will continue to be mirrored to master in the
same place as before, so your scripts should keep working transparently.
The one known issue is that, if you've been referring to public_html
directories on master using http://bugs.debian.org/~username/ URLs
(debbugsgtk was mentioned, and there may be others), then those won't
work any more. Sorry about this, and about the lack of advance notice -
please contact owner@bugs and/or debian-admin if changing them is
impractical and perhaps something can be arranged.

Many thanks to Brainfood, the site where master and murphy are hosted,
for sponsoring this service for the last number of years. Obviously, no
slight to them is intended in moving bugs.debian.org away: the
opportunity came up and there were a number of good reasons to take it.
Debian mailing lists, the list archives, and debian.org mail handling
will still remain in Brainfood's care.

Please report any problems to owner@bugs.debian.org, as usual.


Colin Watson                                       [cjwatson@debian.org]

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