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BugWatcher 0.22

  A new debbuggtk package should be reaching mirrors about now. Also,
for those of you who were waiting, the bts interface used by debbuggtk
has now been restored so everything should work again.

BugWatcher is a graphical tool for viewing and editing bug reports. Some
of its features include:

- Filtering of listings (e.g ATTN to find reports requiring attention;
  RC to find rc reports; DISPLAY to find all reports about DISPLAY)
- Fast editing of bug reports. A convenient UI allows you to add
  comments, change tags and other control info. Tooltip reminders of tag
  and severity descriptions are given. A single click will select the
  recipients (no more multiple keystrokes).
- Usual email interface - the tools generate emails to send to the bts
- Queue	for edits to control data of bugs. 
- Reports are stored in a Cache. 
	- They are very fast to access, only need downloading if they change
	- You have no excuses for not responding to your bugs when you
	  temporarily have no net access :)
- Display of number of (All/RC/IN/MW) bugs in each watched listing.
- Highlighting of unread/modified reports

If you haven't tried bugwatcher yet, please do (package: debbuggtk). In
my experience, it dramatically speeds up interaction with the bts.

The last version announced to a mailing list was much earlier in
development and unfortunately depended on non-free tools. debbuggtk no
longer depends on such tools - it has worked flawlessly with free tools
for many (unannounced) releases.

Bug watcher is not perfect. The tools are still in development.
Particular problems at the moment might include:
- When bugs are updated, listing bug counts might not be updated
- Bug comments may look ugly. We still parse the html from bugs.d.o. 
- User interface bugs - The release includes rewrites of most of the ui
  with glade - there are likely to be many bugs. 
- System Info generation is slow and without progress reports. At the
  moment, we just ask reportbug to provide the information.
- BugReporter is ugly and has usability issues
- It is using an unofficial plain text interface to the bts

If you find others, please report them. 
If you are interested in helping with debbuggtk, please do get in
contact with me. (Note that alioth cvs is not currently used - latest
sources are available from the packages. Alioth will be used for cvs if
we get more developers)

  .''`. Mark Howard
 : :' :
 `. `'  http://www.tildemh.com 
   `-   mh@debian.org | mh@tildemh.com | mh344@cam.ac.uk 

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