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Introducing Planet Debian


This is intended to be pretty much what Planet GNOME[0] is for the GNOME
community.  A page containing the most recent entries from the blogs of
Debian Developers, Maintainers, Helpers and general hangers-on.

If you've got a blog in which you sometimes chat about Debian stuff
you're doing, or just general hacking, it's be great if you could get
added to this.

All I need from you is the URL of your blog's RSS feed[1][2], and if you
want one, a little avatar picture[3].  Reply in private mail and I'll
add you to it.

If you don't currently have a blog, this is as good as excuse as any to
start one, even just to chat about what you're doing to your packages. 
If you maintain a large or important set of packages, you might want to
create an RSS feed of the latest news (hint XSF :p) which can get added

The page updates once an hour, and caches anything it downloads for 7
days, so resources impact should be minimal.


[0] http://www.gnome.org/~jdub/planetgnome/
[1] LiveJournal users simply add /rss onto the end of your LJ URL
[2] some early versions of blosxom and pyblosxom don't seem to provide
    date information for the entries, you'll need to upgrade first.
[3] PNG format, no larger then 64x64
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