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Debian Miniconf3: Registrations are open, only 4 weeks to go

Once again a Debian Miniconf[1] will be run as a prelude to the annual
Linux.Conf.Au[2]*, taking place this time in Adelaide, South Australia
from Monday January 12th to Saturday January 17th, 2004. Debian
Miniconf3 will take place on the first two days, ie: Monday 12th and
Tuesday 13th.

* Registrations *
As with previous years attendance at Debian Miniconf3 requires
registration for the main conference, so make sure you register[3] for
LCA, and then also register[4] for Miniconf3.

* Speakers *
Some of you may remember that last time I threatened to present a
session on building picket fences and making truffles (both things I
think I'm pretty good at ;-) unless I got enough people putting up their
hand to speak.

Well, things are a little different this year: so many people asked if
they could present a paper that the program[5] filled up fast and early,
and I still have people asking if they can speak. Given that we only
have 2 days available that means I've had to fit in as many sessions as
I can, so...

* Keysigning *
For better or worse, I've decided to drop the scheduled keysigning
session from the miniconf program to make way for one more presentation.
Before everyone screams in rage, I should point out that I am also the
coordinator of the keysigning session[6] at the main conference so all
is not lost. Anyone who wants to extend Debian's web of trust should
just send in their key for the main keysigning and attend that instead.
Sorry if this irks you, but to me it seemed silly to organise 2
keysignings in the same venue within a few days of each other with all
the same people in attendance.

So go sign up now, and I'll see you there!

Jonathan Oxer

[1] http://www.debconf.org/miniconf3/
[2] http://linux.conf.au/
[3] http://linux.conf.au/register
[4] http://www.debconf.org/miniconf3/register/
[5] http://www.debconf.org/miniconf3/schedule/
[6] http://linux.conf.au/keysigning

*Note: IBM is the Penguin Sponsor of Linux.Conf.Au 2004. Thanks to IBM
and LCA for making Debian Miniconf3 possible!

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