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Debain-Edu and Skolelinux

Hi all!

The Skolelinux project, started in Norway but in the meanwile
grown to be an international project, wants to integrate even
better with Debian, and for that reason thankfully accepts
Raphael Herzogs offer to continue its effords as the Debian-Edu
subproject, taking it over.


* To avoid the Knoppix-effect. We are debian developers and
  users, and we would like Debian to be better and more
  widely recognized for its achivements.
* To work more closely with other debian developers on
  packageing and development issues.
* To make use of the debian infrastructure (see below).

The goal of Skolelinux/Debian-Edu is to create a 
debian distribution especially geared
towards easy and largescale deployment in schools.

Development wise we have pushed the debian-installer for some
time and worked on norwegian internationalisation a bit.  For the
future the Debian-Edu subproject has the follwing additional

  - push the norwegian openoffice translation further to the
    debian maintainer for inclusion upstream,
  - create courseware (lessons, homework, exams, solutions to
    exams) compatible with debian.
  - create/improve LSSAE (Large Scale System Administration)
    support in debian (e.g. ldap).
  - continue the debian-installer work
  - write a Debian-Edu system administration handbook

Todays skolelinux infrastructure will partly be merged into the
debian infrastructure: website and mailinglists should not be a
big problem, the cvs which is used by many non-debian-developers
will remain. Debian developers involved will sponsor the packages
for inclusion into the debian archive. We hope that the use of
the debian bts will help to get integration problems on the
package level sorted out fast...

Technically inclined persons might want to check out the
http://developer.skolelinux.no/arkitektur/arkitektur.html.en to
learn more how skolelinux works.

NUUG-Foundation has agreed to sponsor an office in oslo called
"nordic debian labs", together with IBM, HP and InOut Data. It
will be used to accommodate test equipment. The plan is to let
interested people (teachers...) come to this place and let them
test-install the distribution and play with the system.
Schoolings and courses could also be provided. new releases will
be tested here by developers, too. The office will also be used
by the different free software user groups for meetings, parties

We are looking forword towards all the debian developers doing our
work now (yeah, sure) and close collaboration with all of you.

Feel free to voice your opinons and ideas on debian-project@l.d.o

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