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[Proposal] Debconf4 in Brazil

Hello, folks,

As Michelle Ribeiro announced in -project[0] but hasn't garnered much
attention from the community, we thought it would be better to repost
this revised version of our proposal here.  We're looking forward for
your comments on this idea.

Thank you,
The Brazilian Debconf4 Committee



As some of you may have already heard, the Debian community in Brazil would be
pleased to host the next Debconf in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

As Mako mentioned, Brazil has been extremely active in the Free Software
movement but very unrepresented at the past Debian conferences. The Real
(Brazilian currency) is weak compared to USD and EUR which makes coming to
Brazil from these places affordable but going from Brazil to Europe or North
America extremely difficult.

There already is a good deal of planning to host the conference some days
before or after the Fórum Internacional de Software Livre (International
Free Software Forum)[1], so that Debian developers can join us in this event as

It's likely that DDs can give a talk at FISL and get some sponsorship that way
as well. I already know that the Forum is interested in bringing Bruce Perens,
for instance.

We already have full support from the Porto Alegre data processing company
(Procempa) and the City Hall (through its International Relations department).
They will provide us with free (or low-cost) food and free acommodations.

With regard to flight prices, we've made some research and have some figures:

Amsterdam - Porto Alegre - Amsterdam: 772.00 EUR
Frankfurt - Porto Alegre - Frankfurt: 855.00 EUR
London - Porto Alegre - London: 647.00 GBP
Madrid - Porto Alegre - Madrid: 998.00 EUR
Milan - Porto Alegre - Milan: 817.00 EUR
Paris - Porto Alegre - Paris: 641.00 EUR
Toronto - Porto Alegre - Toronto: 1960.00 CAD
Oslo - Porto Alegre - Oslo (conn. in Paris): 8220 NOK = USD 1148.00
NY - Porto Alegre - NY: 750.00 USD
Seattle - Porto Alegre - Seattle: 830.00 USD

To give a basic idea about what prices in Brazil are like:

Newspaper                        0.50 USD
1l milk                          0.50 USD
1.5l soft drink (coke, etc)      0.70 USD
Big Mac (#1 Combo)               3.00 USD
City Bus                         0.50 USD
A Brazilian soccer t-shirt      20.00 USD
A (really) great dinner         10.00 USD
An average dinner                5.50 USD
Movie theater                    4.50 USD

We already have an active mailing list to discuss our plans. That has been
going on since Debconf3: debconf4@listas.cipsga.org.br. 

Please, feel free to join us. 

0. http://lists.debian.org/debian-project/2003/debian-project-200308/msg00007.html
1. http://www.softwarelivre.org/forum2003/fotos_evento/
2. Generic info about Porto Alegre:
3. Some Porto Alegre photos:

Culture House

Public Market

Gasometro usine

Please let us know what you think and join us at

Carlos Laviola   < claviola@debian.org >
Debian GNU/Linux <http://www.debian.org>

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