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Debian menu encoding support

Hello Debian folks,

This mail is mainly destined to maintainers of menu manager packages, i.e.
packages that provide a menu-method file.

It is now possible to select the encoding used to write files generated
by menu in a menu-method. You just need to add outputencoding="<enc>"
in the menu-method file, where <enc> is a valid iconv encoding.

For example to force output to be UTF-8 encoded, add

For ISO-8859-1, outputencoding="ISO-8859-1"

There is a special encoding "LOCALE", which refers to the current locale

It is very important that all menu methods get fixed to include such a 
field. This will allow menu translations to be activated by default.

If you need help with your menu-methods format, please mail me.

Also, since you are to modify the menu methods anyway, it look like
a great time to go ahead and fix the two problems above:

* Fix the menu-methods scripts for the various menu manager to
  - Do proper quoting of special characters in title and command.
  - Store generated menu in /var instead of /etc.


I would like to thanks Morten Brix Pedersen for writing the code
for the 'outputencoding' feature, Jose Manuel dos Santos Calhariz
for testing encoding support in window managers, and all the translators
of the menu sections names (the japanese translation is wanted!)

Bill. <ballombe@debian.org>

Imagine a large red swirl here. 

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