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End of Deb{Conf,Camp} Registration on 16th of june

For logistical and organisational reasons we have to close the
registration for debconf 3 and debcamp on the 16th of june.

Numbers of new registrations have dropped off over the last few
days, so we assume that most people who want to come have made
arrangements and plans by now.

Some people have wondered how they could afford Norways food and
accommodation prices. Thanks to several sponsors (HP, Norwegian
Unix User Group (NUUGF), Lindows, Trolltech, O'Reilly) we will be
able to offer very competitive food prices.  Accommodation in
Oslo is available for free, in a gym hall, in close proximity to
the camp/conference location, together with other debcamp/conf
participants. One would just need to bring his/her own
sleepingbag/mattress. Frequent personal hygiene is encouraged.

All this makes it easier and cheaper for the participants but
requires planning and arrangements.

On the 16th we will send out a mail to all who registered, asking
for reconfirmation of their attandence (and some other minor
details). It will be necessary to answer that mail within one
week (untill the 23th of june).

This aggravation is necessary due to the fact that at the last
debconf only 80 out of 150 registered participants actually

People who want to participate in deb{conf,camp} but prefer not
to register by the 16th of june are welcome anyway, but should
not expect accommodation, food, tshirts, books, nametags, printed
conference materials, cars or personal conference hostesses.

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