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Debian menu system update

Hello Debian folks,

On behalf of the Debian menu system team, I would like to annouce
development in the Debian menu system.

* I am now the maintainer with lots of help from
  Morten Brix Pedersen <morten@wtf.dk>.

* Menu has now a project page and a CVS repository on alioth.debian.org.

* More than 80 bugs have been fixed.

* i18n support is underway, see
how to activate it.

* New feature have been implemented:
  If you use any of those in your menu-method you must
  Conflicts: menu (<<2.1.8),  because older versions will break.

 - A new variable $basesection hold the section without the title.
 This should fix the problem with menu manager storing menu as a
 directory hierarchy.

 - Menu now support depending on several packages. For example one can
 do ?package(xboard,gnuchess) for launching 'gnuchess inside xboard'.

* There have been some change and clarifications in the menu manual:

 - Icons are no more required to use 24 colors in cmap.xpm. See
 for explanations.

 - Manual clarify that menu-method are required to !include menu.h and use
   icon() title() and term() instead of resp. $icon, $title and
   hardcoded terminal.
 - Title entry must be unique amongst menu entries. Providing two menu
   entries with the same title is a bug.
 - menu entry file should provide fields longtitle, icon16x16 and

What I would like to do for sarge:

* Provide a way for menu method to specify what charsets the window
  manager support for its menu file. Is there a standard to specify
  set of charsets ?

How you can help me:

* Improve the menu file by adding the missing field.

* Fix the menu-methods scripts for the various menu manager to
  - Do proper quoting of special characters in title and command.
  - Store generated menu in /var instead of /etc.
  - Specify which charset are supported (once the way to do that is

What I would like to do for sarge+1:

* Moving /usr/lib/menu to /usr/share/menu. This will be done as soon
as sarge is released.

If you have wishlists, questions about the development of the Debian
menu system, please send them to menu@packages.debian.org.

Thanks for your attention,

Bill. <ballombe@debian.org>

I am not subscribed to debian-devel, so please CC me, thanks!

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