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Over the last few weeks, I have talked to several developers who are
involved in important areas of Debian.  I will continue to do this in order
to get a clear picture of where help is needed.

One such area is security, and I'm happy to announce that Matt Zimmerman
is now a full member of the Security Team.  Matt has done a great job as
Security Secretary over the last few months and can now, as a full member,
issue security advisories directly.  I hope this will facilitate his work.

The Security Team still appreciates help, however.  If you are interested
in helping out with security and tasks similar to those outlined in
then just go ahead and help.  Track security advisories of other vendors,
submit patches to the BTS and inform the Security Team of outstanding
issues.  You can also prepare security updates -- Matt will review them for
use in advisories.  Contact him at mdz@debian.org if you are interested.

As mentioned before, Manoj Srivastava has kindly agreed to act as Project
Secretary for another year.  Manoj has also created a web page outlining
the tasks of the secretary and giving some information about himself.
Similarly, I have written a page about myself and the role of the DPL.
Both pages are linked from http://www.debian.org/intro/organization
This page, presenting Debian's organizational structure, shows who is
responsible for which areas and is a great resource when you're wondering
who to contact.

Furthermore, http://www.debian.org/misc/memberships shows Debian memberships
in other organizations and our representatives.  I have talked to Mark
Johnson, who represents Debian to OASIS (Organization for the Advancement
of Structured Information Standards).  Some achievements have been made and
I expect Mark to announce something in the near future.  By the way, our
OASIS membership renewal is due in June -- if a company thinks Debian's
involvement in OASIS is worthwhile and is interested in sponsoring our
membership dues, please contact me.

I have also spoken to Colin Walters, our representative to Desktop Linux
Consortium (DLC) and he promised he will keep us informed about what's
going on there.  The Debian Desktop project and our involvement in DLC is
certainly a great thing!

Other than the changes described above, everything remains the same for now.
Feel free to look at http://www.debian.org/intro/organization and
http://www.debian.org/misc/memberships to see who is responsible for what.
And thanks to all the volunteers who are making Debian possible!

I hope to see you at Debian Conference 3 -- don't forget to register at

Martin Michlmayr

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