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SPI board resolutions

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Fellow Debian developers,

I am extremely pleased to report that the SPI board today approved two 
resolutions, which in combination resolve long-standing concerns about the 
allocation of funds in SPI's accounts. 

In the first resolution, 2003-04-01.wta-1, the board voted to resolve all
confusion about how the funds resulting from donations prior to January 2002 
were earmarked, by declaring that 5% of the balance at that time belongs to
SPI, and the other 95% belongs to the Debian project.  I supported this
resolution because not all early donations were specifically designated for
Debian, and SPI needs unambiguous access to some operating funds immediately
to finish putting our project finances back on sound footing.

In the second resolution, 2003-04-01.wta-2, it was decided that 100% of
donations made since January 2002 will be credited to the projects for which
they were earmarked.  This overturns an old resolution that was never really
put into action, that would have taken 5% of all future donations earmarked
for specific projects to fund SPI's operations.  Instead, unearmarked donations
will go to SPI, and the SPI board is invited to approach the DPL and/or 
leaders of other SPI member projects with a proposal for funding future SPI 
operating expenses if and when the need arises.

Together, these resolutions give SPI some immediate operating funds, make it
possible to clearly determine what Debian's current account balances are, and
ensure that 100% of donations intended for Debian since January of 2002 will 
actually be available to the Debian project.

The SPI Treasurer now has sufficient resources at his disposal to prepare 
financial statements that clearly indicate Debian's account balances, which 
has not been possible for many months.  This should help our new DPL to more 
actively and intelligently manage Debian's finances than I was able to, and 
it's another important step in the process of revitalizing SPI.

Thank you for your time, and your attention.

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