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Independent Vote Count

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Moshe Zadka <m@moshez.org> writes:

> Dear Debian Project Leader,
> As one of the candidates in the DPL elections, I feel that some remarks
> made by the secretary in #debian-devel have caused me to be unable to
> trust his integrity. I do not feel I can trust his words about the voting
> tallies for the upcoming elections. I wish that an independent Debian
> Developer be appointed for calculating the tallies himself. The other
> developer should be a widely trusted developer in the Debian community.
> Thanks in advance for addressing my concerns,
> Moshe Zadka
> DPL Candidate, 2003 Elections

Moshe, as per our conversation on IRC earlier today, I am taking the following
actions as Project Leader in response to this request.  

First, I have instructed Debian Project Secretary Manoj Srivastava to continue 
his processing of the votes for the 2003 DPL election as if this challenge to 
his integrity did not exist.  If no discrepancy of note is found with the 
results as he reports them, they will stand as the official results of the 
election as they should.

Second, I have appointed Ryan Murray to produce an independent count of the 
vote in this election.  Ryan is well-known and trusted within the project, 
serving in a number of significant roles.  Among other things, as a member of 
our admin team he should need no other help to access the files in question.  
He has agreed to audit the scripts used to process raw votes, and then run 
them himself shortly after voting closes on a copy of the mailbox containing 
the raw votes, to independently determine the results of the election.

If the two counts result in different winners, then I will refer the matter 
to the Technical Committee Chairman for resolution, on the basis of section 
7.2 of our Constitution, which states in part that:

       If there is no Project Secretary or the current Secretary is 
       unavailable and has not delegated authority for a decision then the 
       decision may be made or delegated by the Chairman of the Technical 
       Committee, as Acting Secretary.

I believe this balances your desire for an independent count of the votes, 
with our constitutional requirement to keep DPL ballots secret, and my desire
to see this election concluded with as little delay as possible.  



ps: to those of you reading this on debian-devel-announce who haven't voted
    yet, you still have a few hours left!  Details are available at:

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