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howto use new debconf templates translations


I work on some task from the TODO list (see my mail 

please read it, test the translations from the DDTP and write comments
to grisu@debian.org and debian-devel@lists.debian.org

> ----
>  - make a list sort by source package maintainer email address

look at the pages with a URL like this
(by package maintainer) or like this
(by source package)

some notes about the lines at this pages:
look at this line as example:
   + * apt-build/templates-de.po 0/10/10 17/17 translated
   1 2 3                         4 5  6  7  8
 1 = if you see a '+' the ddtp know more translation in comparison
     with the last binary package in sid.
 2 = If you see a '*' all templates af this binary package are
     If you see a combination of '+' and '*' the package maintainer
     should upload a new package with this translations.
 3 = a like to download a debconf po file with all translations
 4 = found translated templates in the sid package
 5 = translated templates in the ddtp database
 6 = templates in the package
 7 = translated po msgid's in the po file
 8 = number of the msgid's in the po file

>  - some nice (and fast) download-links (po files)

see '2' above

>  - Fill bug reports after some time via a 'human operator' if the
>    maintainer don't catch the translations

you can find a list of maintainers sort by the number of finished
translations with new translations from the ddtp on this page:

I hope we can scale down this list in future.

>  - document this all, make guides and howtos for the package
>    maintainers

This task is still open. 

But joeyh has write a little script, that download the translation
from the ddtp and include new translations in the package source.
Please check his mail:

Please: if you are the maintainer of packages with debconf templates
        and if you use debconf po files, test joeyh script
	If you have any problems mail this. Maybe we can include the
	script in some normal debian package. 

Know someone a 'Howto move from old debconf templates to the debconf
po format' guide?

btw: The server make the old templates files to. If the URL for the 
     debconf po file like this: 
     you can find the old format at
     (only remove the '.po' at the end of the link)
     You can download this file and use debconf-mergetemplate in the
     normal way. 

>  - the ddts must support 'uploads befor package release'

I am working on this task.

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