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Status of the Project Leader elections 2003

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	We are well into the campaigning period for 

        The folks in charge of running the DPL debate have come up
 with a tentative time of 22:00 UTC Friday, March 7th, 2003, which is
 a time that is convenient to the candidates.  The formal portion of
 the debate is expected to last for an hour.  This would have put it
 after the originally scheduled start of voting, so I am hereby
 postponing the start of the voting period to 00:00 UTC, March 8th,

 	 Voting shall start on March 8th (2003/03/08 0:0:0 UTC), and
 shall end on 2003/03/29 0:0:0 UTC. 

	All platforms, and rebuttals, have been published on

	It will take place in two channels on the Freenode IRC
 network, #debian-dpl-debate and #debian-dpl-discuss. The
 #debian-dpl-debate channel will be moderated. Anybody may view the
 proceedings, but only the candidates, the moderators, and and those
 participating in the immediate discussion will be able to post
 messages. The #debian-dpl-discuss channel will be unmoderated, and
 anybody may post messages to it - the intention is for real-time,
 unmoderated discussion of the candidates' responses to the debate

	Questions for the candidates have been collected over the past
 week, but more will be appreciated. If you have any, please sed them
 to  David B Harris <david@eelf.ddts.net>. 

        I should note though that I am not the organizer of the
 debates, and the final determination of the timing has been made by
 the people who are doing the heavy lifting.

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