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listmaster update Feb 2003

Hi all,

Once again the listmaster team has been fairly busy, closing out some
older bugs (one 3 year old bug related to digest issues) and creating
mailing lists.

This time around most of the lists are language related, the only two to
mention are deity (used for apt development) which has been opened up to
all subscribers.

Previously you could only subscribe to the digest version
(deity-digest). Another notable list is debian-accessibility which aims
to make "Debian is accessible to people with disabilities."

I've been informed by Santiago that crossassassin has reduced spam by
about 30% across all mailing lists. We've just installed a newer version
which should also catch some variations. Just a reminder that
crossassassin achieves what it does by delaying email briefly.

Once its delay threshold has passed the mail is sent on. Crossposted
spam typically arrives all of once -- hence the delay. Additionally a 
mechanism to bypass the crossassassin delay is in the works.

We are currently moving to implement moderation on posts which have a 
spamassassin value above 3.5. Those of you subscribed to debian-news would 
have seen the (somewhat comical) results of what happens when two 
listmasters collide and modify the same thing but differently.

- new lists:





	deity (reopened to the public)

	Further information is available at
	<URL: http://people.debian.org/~mlang/DebianAccessibilityProject.html>


 `` We are shaped by our thoughts, we become what we think.
 When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never
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