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listmaster update

Hi there,

It is still a (relatively) New Year over here in listmaster land.

We had two new people join the team:
	- Josip Rodin (joy)
	- Robert McQueen (robot101)

Most of tend to hang out in #debian-lists on irc.debian.org; feel free
to speak to us there.

Our goal for this year is "Zarro bugs". 

A secondary goal is to reduce (remove!) spam on the mailing lists.

To that end we've already put in place a few measures (thoughtfully
suggested by Santiago Villa) such as:

	- crossassassin
		This checks to see if a message has been posted too a
		number of lists within a short amount of time. Since the
		8th Jan this has prevented about ~6000 messages being
		sent. About 30 of those were legitimate (half of those
		were [un]subscribes). I'm working to reduce the number
		of legitimate emails that caught to 0.

	- razor checks / spamassassin modifications
		Some reweighting has gone on to get things marked as
		problems that might ordinarily slip through. This work 
		is still on-going

There are some further things we are in the process of setting up too.

As well we have been triaging our bugreports and closing those which
we have deemed not useful / not relevant / containing no useful
information. That has meant a few mailing lists have been removed
(e.g. debian-devel-games, debian-books) and some good suggestions have
been rejected (e.g. modifying message bodies to cater for broken clients).

But we've also been creating mailing lists:
	- debian-desktop (alias)
		forwards to debian-kde and debian-gtk-gnome
	- debian-l10n-finnish
		finnish localisation
	- debian-l10n-danish
		danish localisation
	- debian-user-danish
		danish user support
	- debian-handheld (renamed from debian-pilot)
		dicussion of Debian and handhelds, especially Zarus and
	- debian-embedded
		discussion of Debian and embedded systems

There are plenty of other bugreports for us to look at, however one
problem we have is gauging interest in a new list. If you are for (or
against) a particular list please feel free to add your comment to the
bug report(s) requesting a list.

We are processing some list requests and bug reports out of order; the
only reason is that those happen to have simpler answers. We are looking
at all bug reports though.

on behalf of the Listmaster team

 `` We are shaped by our thoughts, we become what we think.
 When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never
 leaves. '' -- Buddha, The Dhammapada

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