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PTS News & DebianEdu's future


first of all I'd like to give you some news about the Package Tracking
System. Thanks to the work of Michael Bramer <grisu@debian.org>, the
DDTP (Debian Description Translation Project) has been
interfaced with the PTS. On all pages of the PTS
(http://packages.qa.debian.org/<source>) there's one or two new
links in the bottom left corner (in the box "Other links").

Check http://packages.qa.debian.org/debconf for example.

Those links point to pages where you can see all available translations
for the package. From there you can easily request a translation that
you want to contribute. You may also request an existing translation for
review. If you never jumped into the DDTP, this makes it easy for you to
start !

For those who want to follow what happens in the DDTP about a precise
source package, there's a new keyword that you can enable at
subscription time : "ddtp". People who have enabled this keyword will
automatically receive each translation concerning the package by mail.

Latest PTS figures show 1463 subscriptions from 627 different email
accounts on more than 1000 source packages. And it's getting better each
day ! About 15% of the source packages have PTS subscribers ... I can
only encourage the maintainers of the 85% remaining packages to
recruit people to help them.

That's it for the PTS. Now I'd like to say a few words about the
DebianEdu subproject. Actually the project is more or less stalled.
That's mainly my fault because I do not invest enough time into
it ... that's why I'm looking for a volunteer who'd like to
lead DebianEdu.

What should a good leader do ? First of all he should show the example
by packaging a few educational apps listed on wiki.debian.net/DebianEdu.
After that he should pester the other volunteers to do the same and
offer his help to direct the "future maintainers" so that they get
sponsored. Another thing to do is to setup the web pages on
www.debian.org itself like DebianJr or DebianMed. Last but not least
he should stay in touch with other external projects so that we can
share the efforts whereever it's possible.

You're interested ? Please let me know ... either directly or on

Thank you for your attention !
Raphaël Hertzog -+- http://www.ouaza.com
Formation Linux et logiciel libre : http://www.logidee.com

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