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Debconf 3

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Many of you have heard rumors of a Debconf 3 sneaking up on the
horizon.  It is true, there will be a Debconf 3, this time again in
Europe, more exact Oslo, Norway.  The University of Oslo has kindly
enough offered to host Debconf 3.

The dates Debconf 3 will take place is July 18th to 20th 2003.
Housing is not ready yet, but I am working on getting a deal with a
mid-price-to-cheap hotel and having a Youth Hostel as an option for
those who want to go even cheaper.

New this year is Debcamp, an invention of Joey Hess.  Basically, it is
a few days before the conference itself starts where rooms and network
connectivity will be available, and we will have time to sit around,
discuss, hack, barbecue, go picnicing and have fun.

A preliminary website is online at http://www.debconf.org/debconf3/ ;
I will try to keep it up-to-date with regard to the status of the

If you are interested in talking at Debconf (or have an idea for a
talk which you'd like to hear), please drop me a mail describing what
you would like to talk about and we will go through all the
suggestions and come up with a good selection of talks.

There is currently no on-line registration.  However, we are working
on a common system for debconf registration handling on debconf.org.
Once that is ready, you will be notified.

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