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Improving Events Visibility

Our presence at computer shows and conferences gives our users a
chance to meet the people behind the Debian distribution and to ask
questions personally.  This is also a chance for us to demonstrate how
Debian GNU/Linux works and what benefits this distribution offers in
comparison to others.

Events are important

We should take events serious, attend as many events as possible and
inform our users prior to the event in question and after it.  I'd
like to encourage you to give workshops, talks and presentations about
Debian as a whole or about a particular angle of the project or the
distribution.  Several slides from past events are online already so
you could review how other people have prepared their talks.

More visibility

I'd also like to encourage you to ask event organisators for a free
booth for the Debian project if you and two other people are willing
to staff the booth.  Two or better three people are required to staff
a booth in order to talk to visitors and demonstrate a particular side
of our distribution.

Event Announcements

The Debian project maintains several web pages dedicated to all events
the project takes part.  See <http://www.debian.org/events/>.  There
should be a page for every event the Debian project is involved in and
for most events there is one.  These pages usually contain a small
general paragraph describing the event and a longer paragraph about
the Debian participation.  They should contain all relevant
information or links to organisation pages for the Debian presence.

This enables interested users to check whether the Debian project will
be present at the event and inform themselves about the Debian
participation prior to the event.  They can also prepare for a meeting
at the Debian booth or keysigning etc.

Thus, I'd like to encourage everybody who is involved with giving a
talk about Debian or staffing a Debian booth, to send all relevant
information to events@debian.org so the event gets a listing on our
website.  I'd also like you to send in updates whenever circumstances
demand them.

Event Calendar

Peter Karlsson implemented ICS files (Internet Calendar entries) on
www.debian.org for all future events in 2003.  There is an easy to
access link to download these files from the event pages.  They will
soon be available in all supported languages.

Retrospective Reports

I'd also like to encourage those who attend an event and help out at
the Debian presence to write up a short summary after it.  This can be
included in the events pages (actually there are already three from
2002 and three from 2001).  If this habit becomes more common they
will be linked from the yearly index pages as well and not only from
the particular event page.

Such reports also provide a resource Debian Weekly News can use and
summarise.  This will provide a nice retrospective view at the event.

Upcoming Events: http://www.debian.org/events/

Mailing Lists: http://lists.debian.org/debian-events-eu/

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Happy New Year!

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