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spanish translations in DDTP now

  Look at this numbers:

  The old spanish ddtp-status:
    |Stats for es from pdesc
    |descriptions                             16258
    |up-to-date descriptions                  10468
    |translated descriptions                      7
  The new spanish ddtp-status:
    |Stats for es from pdesc
    |descriptions                             16258
    |up-to-date descriptions                  10468
    |translated descriptions                   3484

  What this numbers mean

  In the past, the spanish translation people used their own, 
  web driven, translation system for the debian package descriptions. 

  Now we have included all translated descriptions in the DDTP and we
  are starting the spanish translation of all package descriptions 
  with the DDTP. You can see the start at

  How you can help

  If you speak spanish, you can send a mail to pdesc@ddtp.debian.org
  with the subject 'GET 2 es' and the server will send two
  untranslated package descriptions with a guide. 

  Translate the attachement (read first the guide) and send the
  translation back to the server (as attachment). 

  It's also very important to review the translations, since the 
  imported descriptions need to be reviewed. 
  Use 'review 2 es' as subject in the server mail. 
  See the guide for more commands.

  How you can use the translations

  use some apt sources with translated package files. Maybe you found
  some mirrors in Spain. If not, you can use
     deb http://ddtp.debian.org/aptable es/woody main
  in /etc/apt/sources.list, make a 'apt-get update' and all package
  frontends use the translated package files.

  I update http://ddtp.debian.org/packages.debian.org/ too. Now we
  have also package pages with es translation on this site. See
  as a starting point.


    These people made all the work and translated the package 
    descriptions into spanish.
  Margarita Manterola <ddtp@marga.com.ar>
    Who is the spanish language coordinator in DDTP. 
    She managed the migration from laespiral to ddtp.debian.org.

  If you have questions or comments, mail and ask grisu@debian.org

Michael Bramer  -  a Debian Linux Developer      http://www.debsupport.de
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