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debian-installer status -- 2002-10-14

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A bit late this month, sorry about that.

Previous TODO list looked somewhat like:

- - partitioning/mkfs/mount stuff needs to be finished up.
- - dak needs to stop unaccepting new udebs.
- - prebaseconfig needs to stop using grub directly and depend on
  {grub,lilo}-installer instead.
- - a bunch of full-sized udebs needs to be created (more on this below)

the first item is mostly done, and Matt Zimmermann has made some udebs
of EVMS and EVMS kernel images available.  To my knowledge, nobody has
tested them yet.  Bastian Blank has booted the installer on S/390 and
begun fixing problems related to that port.

dak is fixed, thanks to our Anthony Towns.  As a bonus, he made a
symlink from dists/sarge/main/debian-installer to sid's
debian-installer directory, so we should be able to install sarge
using debian-installer, not just sid.  This will most likely be
replaced with a real testing for debian-installer eventually, but
changes are needed for the testing scripts.

prebaseconfig's depends have been changed, but nobody has tested it
yet, so we don't know if it works.

those full-sized udebs have been created, patches in the BTS, but the
main one: libc-udeb is waiting for the packaging of glibc-2.3.

Other interesting things which have happened is that we've broken
busybox, fixed busybox, broken most other stuff, fixed a lot of it
again.  Martin Sjögren has done a fantastic job of helping out with
main-menu, anna and lots of cleanups.  Thanks for helping out!

The debian-cd team has been busy with integrating d-i into their build
scripts, and things are forming up.  We actually have bootable (but
not installable) CD images.  Great work by the CD team.

So what happens next?

- - Porting.  PowerPC, Alpha and S/390 are started.  I'd like to see at
  least a couple arches more beginning to shape up before the next
  status report.  Also, having some of the *BSD ports around would be
- - CD images need to be tested, the bugs fixed and we should be able to
  do more thorough testing of sarge
- - i18n needs work, both in cdebconf and elsewhere.
- - slang frontend?  cdebconf has an slang frontend; it is untested.  It
  also has a gtk frontend which is experimental.  Getting it to work
  with, say, gtkfb would be cool.
- - get the udebs missing in, like libc-udeb.
- - replication (as in kickstart)
- - evms support

As you see, things are slowly tightening up and the future looks
bright.  Porting and tightening things up even more are the most
important goals right now.

As always, help, ideas and comments are appreciated.

(yeah, and if you want to play around with d-i, pick the net install
boot image from http://people.debian.org/~tfheen/d-i/net-1440.img and
use http://people.debian.org/~tfheen/d-i as your mirror.  It will be
noisy, but works. Just tested it. )

See you around next month.

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