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Bug Tracking System now supports MIME


New versions of the bug tracking system's mail-bots with full support
for MIME have been rolled out. This means that you can now safely submit
bugs with attachments without having to wait for the bug number to come
back, GPG-sign bug submissions and control messages, and so on. (MIME
always worked in contexts that didn't require scanning mail bodies for
special text, such as follow-ups to existing bugs, and in other contexts
used to work only if you were lucky.)

If you encounter any problems with MIME submissions or notice any
glitches as a result of these changes, please report a bug on the
'bugs.debian.org' pseudo-package. If you have problems doing even this,
please contact us directly at owner@bugs.debian.org. It will help to
include the full MIME-encoded mail you're trying to send, complete with
headers: the BTS should return this to you with any error messages.


Colin Watson, junior owner@bugs                    [cjwatson@debian.org]

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