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Package Tracking System, part II (or Bits from QAG)


before speaking of the PTS, let me introduce the great page that Igor
Genibel made for us :

Please bookmark your personal page so that you can follow the state of
your packages (that way you can't forget that you have bugs to fix ..
put it as your homepage if you wish) ;-)

The more curious will already have noticed that Igor's page links to
the web interface of the Package Tracking System that I want to
introduce with this mail.

Web interface of the Package Tracking System

What is it ? Well, take a random source package and go to :

As you can see, the page gives an overview of the state of the package
with several useful links. You'll find for example :
- generic information (last version, maintainer, co-maintainers, ...)
- testing information (updates_excuses content)
- summary of available version in each distribution (including security
  updates and *-proposed-updates)
- the debian-devel-changes mails announcing uploads
- links to buildd web interface and other qa related stuff
- and last but not least, a form to subscribe to the package
  (cf the usual PTS that you already know[1])

Everything is updated daily.

What's next ?

The web interface is working but more things will come as soon as master
is upgraded to stable (so that I can install the required scripts) :
- the latest news will be updated in real time (instead of once a day)
- you will be able to add your own items in latest news by sending a
  mail to a special email address
- you will be able to add links and some documentation (NMU guidelines,
  upstream web site, ...) in a section "static information" with a
  simple mail

Figures for the PTS

I thought I'd give some figures for PTS (the mail subcription part) :
- 611 source packages have at least one subscribers (less than 10% of the total
  number of sources packages)
- 760 subscriptions by 257 different email address
- that makes about 3 subscriptions/address but ...
- the biggest user of the PTS has 54 subscriptions

Those figures are not bad but there's much room for improvement.
Now that you have a web form to subscribe to it, I'm sure you can
convince people (upstream maintainer, bts contributor, other debian
developers) to subscribe to your packages so that :
- they can help you deal with difficult bug reports
- someone is following the package while you're in vacation
  (or MIA because of real life issues)

I also encourage you to find some co-maintainers. If you don't
know what I'm speaking about, please read :

Thank you for your attention, I hope you'll enjoy those new tools.


PS: QAG = Quality Assurance Group :-)

[1] If you don't, please read :
Raphaël Hertzog -+- http://www.ouaza.com
Formation Linux et logiciel libre : http://www.logidee.com

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