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Bits from the RNE

[Hhhhm, blame Joey for the subject =)]

As Joey prepares 3.0r1 I believe this would be a good oppurtunity to
make request for feedback and alterations abount/for the release notes.
3.0r1 allows us to have an updated version of the release notes included
on the CDs.

And although some fixes have already been submitted and made (thanks!).
Three areas where corrections would be beneficial would be:

* Improvements in the clarity of the instructions, particularly now that
people have used them to upgrade their system. Its difficult to know how
the upgrade process that was the shifting target that was testing. So
unforseen issues that might arise in the upgrade and how they can be

* Last minute changes that make sections incorrect/redundant - this
occured with ssh-nonfree's removal from the archive.

* General bugfixes, spelling errors, omissions and general errata. (All
my fault of course :))

+ Anything else you can think of... =)

Please send your corrections/fixes preferably as diff against the
version in cvs ->


Rob 'robster' Bradford
Founder: http://www.debianplanet.org/
Developer: http://www.debian.org/
Monkey with keyboard: http://www.robster.org.uk/

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