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Packages.bz2, Sources.bz2, Contents-*.bz2, oh my

Hello world,

In a couple of days uncompressed Packages files for unstable will cease
to be generated, and bzip2'ed Packages files will be generated in their
place (actually, if you look carefully, they're already being generated).
Sources.bz2 files are being added too. If you have any scripts looking
at the uncompressed Packages files, you should change them to look at
either the gzip or bzip2 versions now.

Presuming things continue to work in unstable, the same change will be
made to testing in a few weeks. Similarly, the Contents-*.gz files for
unstable will probably be switching to .bz2 in the not too distant future.

(Yes, this is as previously discussed in March 2001...)


(This has been a test of the emergency broadcast system)

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