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Two Delegations

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I am pleased to announce two new Project Leader's Delegates as per section 
8.2 of the Debian Constitution.

First, as some of you may be aware, in May of this year I began looking for 
someone to help me handle the details of donations to Debian, and to help 
Debian keep records about our inventory of machines and related resources.  
The Debian project would not be possible without the generosity of various
organizations and individuals making machines, bandwidth, and other related
resources available to us.  As the project grows, handling the details of these
donations appropriate is a job in itself.  I am pleased to announce that Mako 
Hill <mako@debian.org> enthusiastically agreed to take on this job, and is 
already helping me significantly.

I have asked Mako to work with people who want to make "in kind" donations to 
Debian, which means hardware, bandwidth, and the link.  He will also work with
members of the Debian community who are looking for resources.  The tasks 
involved include things like matching offers up with needs, communicating with
prospective donors, and helping with donation logistics.  Among other things, 
he will lead our effort to maintain a database of information about debian.org
systems.  Please address any resource-related queries to Mako until further 

Second, thanks to the interest of several Debian developers, Debian is joining
OASIS, the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Systems.


While the standards OASIS develops are open, membership in OASIS is not free. 
Several interested Debian developers chose to pool their resources to purchase
an organizational membership for Debian instead of pursuing individual 
memberships.  In this way, anyone interested from the Debian community can 
participate and benefit.

Mark Johnson <mrj@debian.org> instigated this action and led the fund-raising 
effort for Debian membership.  I believe he is the ideal person to serve as 
Debian's initial official representative to OASIS, and delegate to him that 
responsibility.  Please address any questions about Debian's relationship with 
OASIS to Mark until further notice.


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