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Debconf 2 - July 5-7, 2002, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The 2nd Annual Debian Conference is set to start this coming Friday at
York University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It brings to Toronto at
least 80 attendees; coming from as far away as Brazil and Japan,
participants will learn about and discuss the latest technical
developments in the entirely volunteer-driven project.

In addition to the Debian-specific talks which make up the majority of
the program, there are several non-Debian related, yet extremely
interesting and informative speakers who hope to find the Debconf
attendees a receptive audience. Friday evening Damian Conway, well-known
speaker and Perl developer will give a talk hosted by Debconf, titled
"Extreme Perl: The Horror That Is SelfGOL." More information about
Damian's free talks in Toronto can be found at
http://www.dice-con.com/damian/freetalks.html .

Michael Richardson, CEO of Lindows.com, will also be a guest speaker
during the catered dinner for Debconf attendees, graciously sponsored by
Lindows.com. (I feel obligated to mention that Lindows.com's sponsorship
of Debconf 2 came with no strings attached; Michael was available to
speak during the timeslot which coincided with dinner and so I decided
that he should speak.)

Debconf promises to be an exciting and informative weekend. I hope to
see everyone there!

Joe Drew <hoserhead@woot.net> <drew@debian.org>
Lead organizer of the 2nd Annual Debian Conference

Schedule for Debconf:
(All talks are held in Lecture Hall C of the Computer Science building
at York University. The dinner will be held in the Founder's Assembly

Friday, July 5	"Introductions"
Up to 3:00pm	Arrival and registration with Hospitality York
3:00-3:30pm	Introduction - Joe Drew, DPL
3:30-4:30pm	Commercial use of Debian - Lindows.com, HP, etc
4:30 and later	Keysigning, general talking and getting-to-know one
6:00-9:00	Extreme Perl - Damian Conway 
Saturday, July 6	"Down to Business"
10:00-11:00am	Porting Debian: Lessons Learned - Bdale Garbee
11:00-11:45am	Free Software in Brazil - Henrique de Moraes Holschuh
1:00-3:00pm	Security Enhanced (SE) Linux in Debian - Russell Coker
3:00pm-5:00pm	debconf at Debconf - Joey Hess
6:00pm	Catered dinner - Speakers: Michael Robertson, Bdale Garbee
Sunday, July 7	"What next?"
10:00am	How to support users - David B. Harris
12:30pm	New initscript systems - Henrique de Moraes Holschuh
2:00pm	The Linux Standard Base and Debian - Matt Taggart
3:00pm	BSD and Debian - Andreas Schuldei

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