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Final Debconf schedule

Barring any changes, the final schedule for Debconf is appended. Of
special note is the talk on Friday, July 5 by Damian Conway: this is not
a Debconf-specific talk but was co-inciding with Debconf, so we took
advantage of the coincidence. Damian is supposed to be an absolutely
fabulous speaker. You can find out more about his talk at
http://www.dice-con.com/damian/Extreme.html .

Any further questions, just ask.

Friday, July 5	"Introductions"
Up to 3:00pm	Arrival and registration with Hospitality York
3:00-3:30pm	Introduction - Joe Drew, DPL
3:30-4:30pm	Commercial use of Debian - Lindows.com, HP, etc
4:30 and later	Keysigning, general talking and getting-to-know one
6:00-9:00	Extreme Perl - Damian Conway 
Saturday, July 6	"Down to Business"
10:00-11:00am	Porting Debian: Lessons Learned - Bdale Garbee
11:00-11:45am	Free Software in Brazil - Henrique de Moraes Holschuh
1:00-3:00pm	Security Enhanced (SE) Linux in Debian - Russell Coker
3:00pm-5:00pm	debconf at Debconf - Joey Hess
6:00pm	Catered dinner
Sunday, July 7	"What next?"
10:00am	How to support users - David B. Harris
12:30pm	New initscript systems - Henrique de Moraes Holschuh
2:00pm	The Linux Standard Base and Debian - Matt Taggart
3:00pm	Let's jumpstart debian-installer - Joey Hess
Joe Drew <hoserhead@woot.net> <drew@debian.org>

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