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Back to work !

Hello everybody,

first I'd like to congratulate Bdale ! I also wish to thank Branden,
it has been fun to be a competitor with you. I hope to see you again
next year... :-)

I also wish to thank everyone who voted for me. I'll try to honor your
trust by managing the projects I proposed during the election.

According to the official figures, 406 developers preferred me over "None
of the above". That probably means that 406 developers thought that
at least one of my projects is interesting. With a bit of luck, I
should be able to find 406 / 17 =~ 23 volunters for each project...
That should be enough to bring them all through the end. ;-)

You understood... I'm looking for volunteers. Please contact me if you
wish to lead one of the projects of my platform. If you just wanna help,
you can also contact me ... i'll keep you in the loop to give you
the opportunities to help. :-) In any case, the work will be done
in a public manner so you'll all be able to follow and to discuss
the projects.

The list of projects is part of my platform :

I past it here to remind you... I reformat it like a little form if you
wanna reply to let me know where you wanna help. Please reply privately
(and not to debian-devel) if you just wanna fill the form...

    1. Organisation 
[ ]   1.1 Sourceforge for Debian developers 
[ ]   1.2 Ping the maintainers 
[ ]   1.3 Recruit people for adopting packages 
[ ]   1.4 Localization infrastructure 
[ ]   1.5 A second security team 
[ ]   1.6 Don't mix stable and unstable packages 
[ ]   1.7 More frequent freezes/releases 
[ ]   1.8 Extension for the Package Tracking System 
[ ]   1.9 CVS repository for debian directories 
    2. Communication (internal and external) 
[ ]   2.1 Debian Best Packaging Practices 
[ ]   2.2 Updated Debian Developer's Reference 
[ ]   2.3 Promote the idea of collaborative maintenance and backup maintainers 
[ ]   2.4 Create more debian-devel-<language> lists 
[ ]   2.5 Advertise Debian's offers and needs to the free software actors 
[ ]   2.6 Get in touch with upstream developers 
[ ]   2.7 Promote Debian in business 
[ ]   2.8 Acknowledge and cooperate with distributions based on Debian 

I will use the results both to evaluate the popularity of the various
projects and to keep your name to come back to you once it's time 
to do real work. :-)

Raphaël Hertzog -+- http://strasbourg.linuxfr.org/~raphael/
Formation Linux et logiciel libre : http://www.logidee.com

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