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Release notes

With the release nearly upon us this is an *URGENT* request for
information regarding the woody release notes. The following issues need

Draft release notes are available at

* Split/Renamed packages *since* Potato - Have any of you packages been
renamed or split. Note this includes merges as the net result is a

* Port specific details - Check the current draft of the woody release
notes for the port you are involved in/use.

* General fixes and improvements - Grammar/Spelling

* Extra content - Stuff you really really think should be in.

* Translators needed, you should know who you are. Look at the
boot-floppies cvs for details. And track debian-boot for cvs commits.

Please send your patches/comments/feedback to robster@debian.org as soon
as possible.

Rob 'robster' Bradford
"The Woody is coming" - http://www.debianplanet.org

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