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Cryptographic software in main archive (followup)

(Let's try that again without the "In-Reply-To:" stuff that'll probably
cause it to get rejected)

On Sat, Mar 23, 2002 at 05:30:54PM +1000, I wrote:
> What this basically means is that we're now willing to accept
> cryptographic software uploaded to ftp-master (ftp.debian.org as opposed
> to nonus.debian.org, auric as opposed to pandora, main as opposed to
> non-US/main), with the following caveats:
> 	* This is only for packages in main, not contrib, nor non-free
>       [...]
> Hopefully that covers everything.

Actually, it missed the most common mistake. Make sure you build with
"-sa" to ensure the .orig.tar.gz is uploaded (this normally only happens
with uploads with a -0 or -1 version number).


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