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Release-critical Bugreport for March 15, 2002

Bug stamp-out list for Mar 15 04:03 (CST)

Total number of release-critical bugs: 133
Number that will disappear after removing packages marked [REMOVE]: 0

Explanation for bug tags:

   P  pending
   +  patch
   H  help
   M  moreinfo
   R  unreproducible
   S  security
   U  upstream


Package: acl-installer (debian/contrib)
Maintainer: Peter Van Eynde <pvaneynd@debian.org>
  138065 [       ] acl-installer: should run alisp rather than mlisp for acl 6.1

Package: acroread (debian/non-free)
Maintainer: Anthony Fok <foka@debian.org>
  137997 [     S ] acroread: Acrobat Reader seems to link against zlib

Package: aide (debian/main)
Maintainer: Mike Markley <mike@markley.org>
  136408 [ +     ] aide 0.8.1 lacks build dependency on libgcrypt-dev

Package: aime (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ed Boraas <ed@debian.org>
  135094 [       ] Won't build on hppa

Package: apache (debian/main)
Maintainer: Matthew Wilcox <willy@debian.org>
  131104 [P      ] needs to ignore capitalization when detecting mod_access use

Package: ark (debian/main)
Maintainer: Christopher L. Cheney <ccheney@debian.org>
  137028 [P+     ] ark: Unexpectedly deletes files

Package: atlas2-headers (debian/main)
Maintainer: Camm Maguire <camm@enhanced.com>
  138413 [       ] default dependency on atlas-3dnow-dev

Package: bigloo (debian/main)
Maintainer: Matthew Danish <mdanish@andrew.cmu.edu>
  132041 [       ] bigloo/netatalk: file name conflict

Package: binutils (debian/main)
Maintainer: Christopher C. Chimelis <chris@debian.org>
  137850 [       ] binutils: Fails to link elf64_sparc targets, segv

Package: bison (debian/main)
Maintainer: Vincent Renardias <vincent@debian.org>
  130914 [       ] bison: union yyalloc breaks C++ support

Package: boot-floppies (debian/main)
Maintainer: Debian Install System Team <debian-boot@lists.debian.org>
  135504 [P      ] CD isn't unmounted after Kernel/Drivers install
  137089 [P      ] [sparc/sun4cdm] Failure while unpacking required packages

Package: cdparanoia (debian/main)
Maintainer: Dale E. Martin <dmartin@debian.org>
  99703  [ +     ] Empty /usr/share/doc/cdparanoia directory

Package: cgiemail (debian/main)
Maintainer: Debian QA Group <packages@qa.debian.org>
  129104 [P+   S ] script reading + temp file problems

Package: chdrv (debian/main)
Maintainer: Anthony Fok <foka@debian.org>
  138062 [     S ] chdrv: local root exploit

Package: chess (debian/main)
Maintainer: Martin Mitchell <martin@debian.org>
  119475 [       ] chess has problems building from source

Package: clisp (debian/main)
Maintainer: Debian QA Group <packages@qa.debian.org>
  123035 [       ] clisp_1:2.27-0.1 fails to build on hppa

Package: courier-base (debian/main)
Maintainer: Stefan Hornburg (Racke) <racke@linuxia.de>
  137471 [       ] maildrop: Cannot install maildrop -- wants to overwrite a file owned by another package

Package: cronosii (debian/main)
Maintainer: Angel Ramos <seamus@debian.org>
  135116 [       ] cronosii_0.2.2.22-1(unstable/hppa): some objects not cleaned or rebuilt

Package: db2 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Matthew Wilcox <willy@debian.org>
  116897 [       ] php4: Apache-SSL cannot start with php4
  136707 [       ] libdb2 and libdb3 symbol conflicts and ldso library loading

Package: debian-cd (debian/main)
Maintainer: Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org>
  138357 [       ] woody's list of base debs must be updated

Package: dnrd (debian/main)
Maintainer: Thomas Schoepf <schoepf@debian.org>
  80888  [     S ] Multiple buffer overflows in dnrd

Package: dpkg (debian/main)
Maintainer: Dpkg Development <debian-dpkg@lists.debian.org>
  137931 [     S ] dpkg: dpkg-deb includes static zlib code

Package: e2fsprogs (debian/main)
Maintainer: Yann Dirson <dirson@debian.org>
  133909 [       ] e2fsprogs: mke2fs won't make FS >2GB on raid5 kernel 2.4.17rc2
  136737 [P      ] base: ext3 inode deleted, e2fsck segmentation fault

Package: efingerd (debian/main)
Maintainer: Radovan Garabik <garabik@melkor.dnp.fmph.uniba.sk>
  137109 [     S ] FWD: efingerd remote buffer overflow and a dangerous feature

Package: emacs20 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Rob Browning <rlb@defaultvalue.org>
  134106 [       ] emacs20_20.7-13(powerpc/unstable): nocombreloc still not working

Package: emacs21 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Rob Browning <rlb@defaultvalue.org>
  138236 [       ] emacs21: Fails to build on i386

Package: exim-tls (non-US/main)
Maintainer: Robert van der Meulen <rvdm@debian.org>
  136808 [       ] exim-tls thinks it is exim
  137044 [       ] exim-tls: Permissions messed up

Package: fileutils (debian/main)
Maintainer: Michael Stone <mstone@debian.org>
  137899 [       ] fileutils: Race condition in recursive directory removal

Package: ftp.debian.org (pseudo)
Maintainer: James Troup and others <ftpmaster@debian.org>
  103300 [       ] Alpha timestamps broken
  110334 [       ] kernel-patch-2.4.7-m68k is not installable in unstable
  136084 [       ] ftp.debian.org: removing kernel-image-2.4.1*-586-ext3 packages
  137711 [       ] ftp.debian.org: experimental parted1.6 packages making it into sid ...
  137921 [       ] moving package to non-us

Package: galeon-beta (non-US/main)
Maintainer: Erich Schubert <erich@debian.org>
  138158 [       ] galeon-beta: SUPERSEDED by upcoming "galeon" 1.2.0 package.

Package: gcompris (debian/main)
Maintainer: Yann Dirson <dirson@debian.org>
  138281 [       ] cannot build from source

Package: glademm (debian/main)
Maintainer: Bradley Bell <btb@debian.org>
  135359 [       ] FTBFS on 64-bit machines

Package: glibc (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org>
  135314 [ +     ] ia64 glibc does not ignore R_IA64_NONE relocs as it should

Package: glutg3-dev (debian/main)
Maintainer: Jamie Wilkinson <jaq@debian.org>
  131997 [       ] glut header file has non-DFSG license, as do examples

Package: gnade-dev (debian/main)
Maintainer: Harry Henry Gebel <hgebel@debian.org>
  136974 [       ] gnade-dev depends on version of gnat no longer in woody

Package: gnomp3 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Aubin Paul <aubin@punknews.org>
  137571 [       ] alpha bin-nmu uploaded with broken version number

Package: gnotepad+-help (debian/main)
Maintainer: James LewisMoss <dres@debian.org>
  137928 [       ] gnotepad+-help: conflicts with gnotepad+

Package: gnuchess (debian/main)
Maintainer: Martin Mitchell <martin@debian.org>
  102449 [       ] gnuchess doesn't create required docs symlink

Package: gpm (debian/main)
Maintainer: Zephaniah E. Hull <warp@debian.org>
  135940 [       ] gpm: fails to init

Package: gs (debian/main)
Maintainer: Torsten Landschoff <torsten@debian.org>
  136652 [     S ] gs: status of the execution of arbitrary commands problem that upstream fixed in 6.53?
  138095 [       ] gs: latest upgrade of gs breaks gv

Package: gs-aladdin (debian/non-free)
Maintainer: Torsten Landschoff <torsten@debian.org>
  128438 [       ] gs-aladdin: Usage of gs-aladdin results in termination with the error message "Error: /invalidfont in findfont"
  129625 [       ] gs-aladdin: no /usr/doc symlink
  137047 [     S ] gs-aladdin: execution of arbitrary commands is possible

Package: gs-common (debian/main)
Maintainer: Torsten Landschoff <torsten@debian.org>
  126475 [       ] libdb2: Package doesn't build from source on i386
  133902 [       ] gs-common: Needs a dependency on gs

Package: gtklp (debian/main)
Maintainer: Matthias Kabel <mkabel@debian.org>
  136910 [       ] gtklp: no /usr/doc/gtklp symlink

Package: honyaku-el (debian/contrib)
Maintainer: Masato Taruishi <taru@debian.org>
  136762 [       ] missing build depends & files in /etc not marked as conffiles

Package: horde (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ola Lundqvist <opal@debian.org>
  136786 [ + M   ] horde/imp does not work with (new) postgresql - patch included

Package: hylafax (debian/main)
Maintainer: Pavel Tcholakov <pavel@debian.org>
  104783 [       ] Build failure on hppa (at least)
  123223 [       ] hylafax_1:4.1-5(alpha/unstable): fails to build from source

Package: jikes (debian/main)
Maintainer: Adam Majer <adamm@galacticasoftware.com>
  116265 [       ] jikes: Build failure with gcc3.0

Package: kaffe (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ean R. Schuessler <ean@novare.net>
  134868 [       ] kaffe: compile problem on some sparcs

Package: kernel-image-2.4.16-newpmac (debian/main)
Maintainer: Daniel Jacobowitz <dan@debian.org>
  137734 [       ] Missing filesystems for 2.4 kernel on testing cds

Package: kernel-patch-2.4.7-m68k (debian/main)
Maintainer: Nick Holgate <holgate@debian.org>
  110060 [       ] m68k 2.4.x kernels won't boot

Package: kernel-patch-mppe (non-US/main)
Maintainer: John Francesco Ferlito <johnf@debian.org>
  133723 [ +     ] kernel-patch-mppe: apply/mppe and unpatch/mppe remove empty files

Package: keystone (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ivan E. Moore II <rkrusty@debian.org>
  133072 [P      ] wrong files included in keystone package

Package: kmago (debian/main)
Maintainer: Michael Janssen <jamuraa@debian.org>
  126791 [       ] kmago fails to build from source on m68k; i386 too

Package: korinoco (debian/main)
Maintainer: Christophe Prud'homme <prudhomm@mit.edu>
  138270 [       ] korinoco: crashed and caused the signal 8 (SIGFPE)

Package: kvirc (debian/main)
Maintainer: Robin Verduijn <robin@debian.org>
  138169 [       ] kvirc: FTBFS: cannot find -lkvicore (hppa/unstable)

Package: lablgtkmathview (debian/main)
Maintainer: Stefano Zacchiroli <zack@debian.org>
  138116 [       ] lablgtkmathview: FTBFS: missing build-depends: libminidom-dev

Package: lclint (debian/main)
Maintainer: Christian Meder <meder@isr.uni-stuttgart.de>
  133208 [ +   S ] lclint: Temp file races in lclint

Package: ldso (debian/main)
Maintainer: David Engel <david@debian.org>
  102055 [       ] ld.so build-deps can't be met on m68k
  97071  [       ] ld.so: upgrades will leave essential package

Package: libdb2 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Matthew Wilcox <willy@debian.org>
  135651 [       ] libstdc++2.10-dev mainainter blames libdb2 for failed install

Package: libgc6 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ryan Murray <rmurray@debian.org>
  127608 [       ] libgc6: SIGSEGV on C++ delete[]

Package: libguile9 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Rob Browning <rlb@defaultvalue.org>
  115400 [       ] gnucash: gnucash doesn't run

Package: libproc-process-perl (debian/main)
Maintainer: Marcus Crafter <crafterm@debian.org>
  133023 [ +     ] Autobuilding problems

Package: libqt3-psql (non-US/main)
Maintainer: Ivan E. Moore II <rkrusty@debian.org>
  137462 [P      ] libqt3-psql: Depends on missing package

Package: libsnmp-ruby (debian/main)
Maintainer: akira yamada <akira@debian.org>
  137904 [       ] libsnmp-ruby: doesn't work at all

Package: libxerces1-dev (debian/main)
Maintainer: Guillaume Morin <gemorin@debian.org>
  136823 [       ] libxerces1-dev: Package does not provide a static version of the library

Package: libxslt1-dev (debian/main)
Maintainer: Nicolás Lichtmaier <nick@debian.org>
  127214 [       ] libxslt1-dev: xslt.h should #include xsltconfig.h

Package: lmemory (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ben Armstrong <synrg@sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca>
  137596 [       ] lmemory: Compile error on alpha

Package: locales (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org>
  133315 [ +     ] locales: scribbles /etc/environment without asking or preserving admin changes, violates policy
  134613 [       ] locales: locale postinst script throwing error; can't install

Package: logtrend-snmpagent (debian/main)
Maintainer: Debian QA Group <packages@qa.debian.org>
  135106 [       ] init script of logtrend-snmpagent fails

Package: logtrend-visuengine (debian/main)
Maintainer: Debian QA Group <packages@qa.debian.org>
  134653 [ +     ] logtrend-visuengine: missing dependency on libunicode-string-perl
  134675 [       ] missing file in logtrend-visuengine

Package: masqmail (debian/main)
Maintainer: Gregor Hoffleit <flight@debian.org>
  138124 [       ] masqmail: Refuses to send to a valid e-mail address

Package: mercury (debian/main)
Maintainer: Tyson Dowd <trd@cs.mu.oz.au>
  137463 [       ] FTBFS: missing build-depends: on debhelper

Package: mesag-widgets-dev (debian/main)
Maintainer: James A. Treacy <treacy@debian.org>
  97021  [       ] mesag-widgets-dev uninstallable

Package: mesag3+ggi (debian/main)
Maintainer: Marcelo E. Magallon <mmagallo@debian.org>
  132812 [ +     ] mesag3+ggi: Files in etc not marked as conffiles

Package: mimedecode (debian/main)
Maintainer: Steve McIntyre <stevem@chiark.greenend.org.uk>
  131819 [ +   S ] mimedecode: Security bug in mimedecode (long bounduary mark)

Package: mirrors (pseudo)
Maintainer: Josip Rodin and others <mirrors@debian.org>
  133952 [       ] postfix-ldap: Wrong md5sum in postfix-ldap 1.1.3-1

Package: modutils (debian/main)
Maintainer: Wichert Akkerman <wakkerma@debian.org>
  38445  [       ] modutils: During the "preparing to install" part, dpkg-divert spits out errors

Package: motif-doc (debian/non-free)
Maintainer: Gerd Knorr <kraxel@debian.org>
  138152 [       ] motif-doc: PostScript files are corrupt

Package: mpg321 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Joe Drew <drew@debian.org>
  138115 [       ] mpg321: FTBFS: missing build-depends: libid3tag0-dev (hppa/unstable)

Package: msyslog (debian/main)
Maintainer: Arthur Korn <arthur@debian.org>
  123873 [       ] Kernel messages get chopped

Package: mutt (non-US/main)
Maintainer: Marco d'Itri <md@linux.it>
  138200 [ +   S ] mutt: Temp file race when editing raw messages

Package: mysql-server (debian/main)
Maintainer: Christian Hammers <ch@debian.org>
  119076 [      U] mysql-server: signal 11

Package: netsaint (non-US/main)
Maintainer: Turbo Fredriksson <turbo@debian.org>
  129250 [ +     ] netsaint_0.0.7b7-7(unstable/ia64): fails to build from source
  133201 [       ] netsaint: modify apache config files without question

Package: netscape-zh-resource-477 (debian/non-free)
Maintainer: Ryan Murray <rmurray@debian.org>
  113615 [       ] netscape-zh-resource-477: Depends on non-existent X fonts for which truetype alternatives exist

Package: nut (debian/main)
Maintainer: Luca Filipozzi <lfilipoz@debian.org>
  137887 [       ] wmnut_0.08-1(powerpc/unstable): FTBFS - nut missing adduser dep

Package: openmotif (debian/non-free)
Maintainer: Gerd Knorr <kraxel@debian.org>
  136279 [       ] openmotif_2.2.1-1 fails to autobuild on m68k

Package: orbit-mt (debian/main)
Maintainer: Sam "Eddie" Couter <eddie@debian.org>
  136573 [       ] orbit-mt not suitable for release

Package: pd (debian/main)
Maintainer: Guenter Geiger (Debian/GNU) <geiger@debian.org>
  117384 [       ] pd: pd totally hangs my system and corrupted files.

Package: pgplot5 (debian/non-free)
Maintainer: Gopal Narayanan <gopal@debian.org>
  135372 [       ] pgplot5: Licence problem

Package: phpsysinfo (debian/main)
Maintainer: Hereward Cooper (Hereward Matthew Lawrence Cooper) <zadok@phreaker.net>
  136370 [       ] phpsysinfo: builds stuff in binary-arch, while package is arch: all

Package: pike7-crypto (non-US/main)
Maintainer: Marek Habersack <grendel@debian.org>
  129093 [       ] unstable/arm: not buildable, segfault in desdata

Package: popularity-contest (debian/main)
Maintainer: Avery Pennarun <apenwarr@debian.org>
  135273 [       ] popularity-contest: overwrites a conffile without prior notice

Package: sane-backends (debian/main)
Maintainer: Kevin Dalley <kevind@rahul.net>
  138108 [       ] fails to build from source

Package: sash (debian/main)
Maintainer: Raul Miller <moth@debian.org>
  137947 [     S ] sash: sash includes static zlib code affected by vulnerability

Package: sather (debian/main)
Maintainer: Eray Ozkural <erayo@cs.bilkent.edu.tr>
  136117 [ +     ] sather: there must be a dependency with libgc6-dev package

Package: security.debian.org (pseudo)
Maintainer: Debian Security Team <debian-security-private@lists.debian.org>
  121853 [       ] security.debian.org: Security issues not announced in Debian security announces

Package: sendmail (debian/main)
Maintainer: Richard A Nelson (Rick) <cowboy@debian.org>
  138387 [ +     ] sendmail: /usr/sbin/sendmail not setgid smmsp -> /var/spool/mqueue-client unwriteable

Package: sidplay-base (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ulf Jaenicke-Roessler <ujr@debian.org>
  123026 [       ] sidplay-base versioning problem

Package: skipstone (non-US/main)
Maintainer: Aaron Lehmann <aaronl@vitelus.com>
  136250 [       ] skipstone: v0.7.9-1 autobuild fails on ia64

Package: slapd (debian/main)
Maintainer: Wichert Akkerman <wakkerma@debian.org>
  137552 [       ] slapd: Admin user created with wrong password. (double crypted?)

Package: snort (debian/main)
Maintainer: Robert van der Meulen <rvdm@debian.org>
  133049 [       ] snort has endianness issues on ARM

Package: soup (debian/main)
Maintainer: Bradley Bell <btb@debian.org>
  137177 [       ] Build-Dependencies are inconsistent

Package: sox (debian/main)
Maintainer: Guenter Geiger <geiger@debian.org>
  132227 [ +    U] wav files broken on powerpc

Package: spectemu (debian/main)
Maintainer: Colin Watson <cjwatson@debian.org>
  134261 [P      ] spectemu: Spectrum ROM is non-free

Package: sysklogd (debian/main)
Maintainer: Martin Schulze <joey@debian.org>
  129819 [ +H  S ] syslog-ng: klogd stops working after syslog-ng is reloaded or restarted

Package: trafstats (non-US/main)
Maintainer: Rens Houben <shadur@debian.org>
  138171 [       ] trafstats: FTBFS: g++ 3.0 errors (hppa/unstable)

Package: tramp (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ola Lundqvist <opal@debian.org>
  136549 [       ] tramp fails to configure for emacs20

Package: uae (debian/contrib)
Maintainer: Stephan A Suerken <absurd@debian.org>
  133661 [       ] uae: FTBFS: needs -ffunction-sections (hppa/unstable)

Package: whiptail (debian/main)
Maintainer: Enrique Zanardi <ezanard@debian.org>
  138363 [       ] modconf crashes if SVGATextMode is used

Package: wsoundserver (debian/main)
Maintainer: Jeff Teunissen <deek@debian.org>
  138163 [       ] wsoundserver: immediate segfault

Package: wu-ftpd (debian/main)
Maintainer: Chris Butler <chrisb@debian.org>
  137796 [       ] wu-ftpd: wrong location for daemon
  137797 [       ] wu-ftpd binary has the wrong name [or invokers use the wrong name]

Package: xmix (debian/main)
Maintainer: Owen Dunn <owen@greenend.org.uk>
  133865 [       ] xmix: problem with xmix start, complains about Widget reclvl_label

Package: xmms-infinity (debian/main)
Maintainer: Anand Kumria <wildfire@progsoc.org>
  137457 [       ] xmms-infinity: The plugin doesn't appear in the list of plugins

Package: xshipwars (debian/main)
Maintainer: Adam Majer <adamm@galacticasoftware.com>
  137361 [P      ] xshipwars: missing library libY2.so.9

Package: xtell (debian/main)
Maintainer: Radovan Garabik <garabik@melkor.dnp.fmph.uniba.sk>
  138293 [       ] New XTell package still vulnerable

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